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PM Jacinda Ardern says it is her 'strong hope' the full CPTPP text will be made available this week and a national impact statement will be released on Wednesday

PM Jacinda Ardern says it is her 'strong hope' the full CPTPP text will be made available this week and a national impact statement will be released on Wednesday

The Prime Minister says it is her "strong hope" that the full text of the controversial and highly anticipated CPTPP will be released on Wednesday.

The national impact statement for the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will also be released by the Government at the same time.

Although not guaranteeing the full text will be released, Jacinda Ardern says it is her “strong hope” the Government will be in a position to release the text at the same time as the impact statement.  

At her weekly post-cabinet press conference, the Prime Minister said the Government has so far been frustrated that up until this point, not all members of the trade agreement have agreed to release the text.

She says this has been, in part, down to translation issues.

“We have been urging all parties to reach an agreement because of our strong desire to be absolutely transparent around the text as soon as possible,” Ardern said.

She said that the impact statement will be released to the public regardless of what happens with the releasing of the full text.

Late last year, the 11 countries involved in the deal reached an agreement and settled on March 8 as the day it would be signed in Chile.

Before the agreement, the deal was known just as the TPP and the CP was added as it “goes beyond reducing costs for businesses,” according to NZ Foreign Affairs and Trade Website.

The economies included in the CPTPP account for 13.5% of world GDP – worth a total of US$10 trillion. 

Despite this, the deal has been highly controversial in New Zealand and protests against the agreement have drawn crowds of thousands.

Ardern says the Government has been facilitating public meetings to gauge the feedback of the public, as well as flagging with those who are interested the range of changes that have occurred to the CPTTP.

The deal’s update includes changes around Pharmac, Government procurement and businesses ability to sue the Government for investment contract breaches.

Although the deal is being signed on March 8, Ardern points out this does not mean it will then come into force.

That requires the ratification of by at least 50% of signatures.

“We will also be making sure before the signing that there is a debate in Parliament and of course the full select committee examination where the public will have their chance to have a say.”

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Great news. It shows how fickle the support is for two of the coalition partners. If the man some call political pus can’t get some wins soon his party is toast. Good riddance. As for the Greens, National need to bring across the moderate environmentalists. Cindy is all smoke and mirrors. 43% of voters aren’t buying the pixie dust and Vague cover photos. This doesn’t get much better for National.

No mention of the losers losing another 3% there Ex-Expat? You surprise me...

Looks pretty much as I called it earlier with you, some to Labour, some to National, the Greens will rally so don't worry about that. 51% on your own? Where's your messiah now Flanders?

I'm sure labour are smart enough if needed to gift the greens a seat ala ACT cup of tea.
nationals problem is still the same no support partner, if they are smart they would siddle up to lance osullivan as leader of the maori paty and give him northland
the party that helps its partner next election will win, and national have not learnt how MMP works yet

The polls swung a similar percentage for National the last time. So what? Slowly slowly catchy monkey. As I wrote above, i’m celebrating the collapse of NZ First as the first step in a medium term plan. Winnie put Taxinda in as the accidental prime minister and he’s paying for it. Meanwhile we Nats wait for Labour to actually do something apart from ask for reviews, like the cat outside the mouse hole.

What taxes has "Taxinda" enacted that have caused you so much grief?

“I don’t know but National lost and they’re my favourite team and I’m a spoilt little brat who makes a lot of noise when things don’t go my way”.

There's fat chance of a Green schism German style happening in NZ. National's dreaming if they think they can rule alone. They need 61, but to have the confidence to ride out by elections etc they need 63+. National will never rule alone.

Talking points from an email newsletter, these?

50% of people have a below average IQ

... the other two thirds of us have above average IQ ...

Wow 9 points extra for Labour. Nice work.
NZF and Greens only down total of 4 points.
That would imply Labour has snaffled 5 points off of the National Party. And the poll only catching Bill's Resignation by a day or so. Bill was a good man. They have a leadership vacuum on their hands. A battle in the public gaze.

Moderate Greens, eh?

I read pretty widely and haven't seen any notification of the public meetings the PM refers to - nor have I seen any releases of information brochures or detailed fact sheets by the Government on these changes proposed. In my experience, Regulatory Impact Statements in the past on any number of matters are quite weak/poorly informative. What I've seen various groups requesting is an independent cost/benefit analysis. In general, I'm not buying into the improved transparency yet. This was their chance to shine in terms of ensuring a better informed public. Not 'feeling the love' yet!

What you are seeing is "absolute transparency" rather than transparency.

Absolute incompetency

Expecting the 'public' to absorb any moderately long/complex document is Tinkerbell Territory.

After all, in order to build a Modest Extension to a Hoose, the applicant is expected to be aware of NZ Standards, the local TLA plan, the RMA and of course Elfin Safety. Which of course they aren't, so, enter stage left, an army of Consultants, to advise on the easiest path through the Byzantine Labyrinth. All charging Modest Fees, of course.

What Labour will actually be doing with these meetings and documents, can be discerned by answering this question:

"What PR is needed to coast this sucker through without hikoi, demonstrations, crowds with torches and pitchforks, doxings and Greens choking on Dead Rats?"

This is the difference between government and opposition.

In opposition you can entertain any group against any government policy, for example, be staunchly against the evil TPP. As a government - all of a sudden pragmatism sets in and the agreement gets signed.

It's probably a healthy sign.

Days to the General Election: 28
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