Forsyth Barr

24 Nov 18, 10:02am
Martin Hawes thinks there are three key reasons property investors should also be in KiwiSaver - and one of them is that the returns can be better
2 Aug 17, 1:46pm
Jenée Tibshraeny looks at reports from Forsyth Barr and Macquarie analysts to consider what the future holds for Tower in the absence of a takeover by Vero
9 Feb 17, 11:26am
Tower shares in trading halt ahead of 'announcement'; Reports the insurer has received a take-private proposal from Fairfax Financial Holdings
6 Dec 16, 10:02am
Government confirms it has not been approached by Tower as the insurer seeks capital to ring-fence its quake-related business; Forsyth Barr expects Tower to sell 'RunOff Co'
19 Sep 16, 12:00pm
High profile investment adviser Martin Hawes is to front a re-imaging of Forsyth Barr's Kiwisaver product
14 Sep 16, 11:47am
Tower upsets a reinsurer by allegedly catching it 'off-guard' in its haste to secure desperately needed cash
24 May 16, 1:44pm
Tower receives 155 new Canterbury quake claims from EQC in six months to March; increases quake provisions by $2.9m; widens loss to $8.7m
19 Mar 14, 4:19pm
Local economy has considerable momentum and RBNZ had to act to keep inflation near 2%
13 Feb 14, 9:53am
KiwiSaver returns show equity dominant strategies continuing to outperform; Actively managed bank schemes superior across many categories
22 Jan 14, 10:22am
Tightening bias from the RBNZ will see the yield curve flatten over 2014; markets aggressively pricing in OCR rate hike next week
15 Jan 14, 11:17am
A healthier budget and economic outlook will see fewer Govt securities offered in Q1
23 Dec 13, 6:00am
The Interesties 2013: Our annual awards are back
11 Dec 13, 8:06am
Looking back at September's MPS document the RBNZ economic forecasts have come up a bit on the light side
3 Dec 13, 9:45am
Over the longer term, bonds still provide excellent returns compared to the much more volatile, lower ranking and regulatory impacted equity market
26 Nov 13, 9:02am
Investors worried about rising interest rates can insulate their portfolios via floating rate notes or resettable securities
19 Nov 13, 8:30am
Under the ‘temporary’ LVR restrictions we could see house sales falling by 3% to 8% and house price inflation being lower by between 1% and 4%
12 Nov 13, 8:53am
RBNZ is implementing alternative tools to avoid raising the OCR due to a growing economy while the RBA remain confused about where theirs is headed
4 Nov 13, 4:38pm
RBNZ pointed out that the strength of the NZ$ may provide some flexibility in respect to the timing and size of OCR hikes
29 Oct 13, 4:25pm
RBNZ may dial back some of the 'aggressive language' in its next OCR statement as inflation is now within the target range and lenders' (bank) behaviour is changing
22 Oct 13, 8:42am
Increase in non-tradable inflation could be concern for RBNZ


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