Productivity Commission

16 Feb 19, 9:31am
Auditor General notes growing debts and rising costs at councils as they grapple with issues including population growth and climate change
10 Sep 18, 11:17am
Keith Woodford explains how the narrative is changing in regard to the need for methane emissions, with less need for drastic reductions
4 Sep 18, 1:53pm
The Productivity Commission on what we need to do to ensure we have enough electricity to power those electric vehicles and clean industrial heaters as we move to a low-emissions economy
14 Aug 18, 2:30pm
Kerry McDonald details why he believes New Zealand must hold a Royal Commission into the policy failures of successive governments since the Millennium
7 Aug 18, 10:40am
Australian Productivity Commission proposes a formal, accountable reporting line to bank board and regulator putting substance to banks' marketing claim they put customers first
24 Jul 18, 1:31pm
A decade after the Shand Inquiry, the Finance Minister has asked the Productivity Commission to take another look at local government spending
15 Jul 18, 7:51am
How too many SMEs, cooperatives and immigrants are contributing to NZ's productivity woes
11 May 18, 1:44pm
Central govt asks Productivity Commission to probe local govt funding; acknowledges some of the councils facing the biggest cost increases have shrinking rating bases
5 May 18, 9:24am
Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods talks up NZ's comparative advantage producing renewable energy, but can't say how quickly its production can be scaled up 
1 May 18, 8:39am
Guy Trafford points out that taxing farming carbon output will just reduce or close local production, with urban food then sourced overseas. First-mover actions will be an own-goal
27 Apr 18, 1:00am
Productivity Commission calls for drastic carbon price increases, the inclusion of agriculture in the ETS, huge land-use changes, and rebates for clean vehicle imports
16 Apr 18, 9:28am
Richard Baker explains why an NZ Initiative report on NZ's key economic regulators rates the FMA ahead of the Commerce Commision and the RBNZ
5 Sep 17, 2:46pm
Auckland University's Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy extols the virtues of a land tax & how one would hit both landbankers and wealthy foreigners buying NZ land
22 Apr 17, 9:46am
As Australia's government prepares to formally review banking competition in its oligopolistic market, should NZ be doing the same?
15 Apr 17, 3:12pm
The Productivity Commission has uncovered some little-known facts about our education system for post-secondary studies, who gets the private benefits from the public investment, and what employers think of graduates
6 Apr 17, 7:05am
Nick Smith says tackling land bankers best done by creating competitive land markets; Welcomes Productivity Commission proposals
5 Apr 17, 2:28pm
Infrastructure New Zealand says a Royal Commission into planning laws, local government structure and funding would be an appropriate move toward designing a fully integrated planning, funding and delivery system
4 Apr 17, 1:31pm
Construction firms in position to raise prices as they hit capacity buffers with skilled labour shortages showing no signs of letting up, NZIER survey shows
29 Mar 17, 2:10pm
Labour responds to challenge from Joyce that political parties should seriously consider ProdComm urban planning proposals in Election 2017 campaign; Notes similarities to current policies
29 Mar 17, 9:02am
The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says a govt committed to housing affordability would implement the Productivity Commission’s better urban planning agenda


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