Brian Peacocke

25 Feb 19, 11:49am
Farm sales and prices have been up over summer but the lifestyle block market is cooling, particularly in Auckland and the Waikato
24 Jan 19, 9:47am
Farm sales ended last year on a high note with good weather lifting sales although prices were flat overall
21 Nov 18, 10:16am
REINZ says a lot of farms came on to the market in the past month and the success or otherwise of marketing these will reflect the resilience - or otherwise - of the market; there's life in lifestyle block sales
24 Oct 18, 11:22am
Farms and lifestyle block sales volumes drop but prices are holding up reasonably well, although dairy farm prices have taken a hit REINZ says
23 Aug 18, 7:37am
Farm sales numbers are about the same as a year ago and prices have improved slightly but dairy has taken a hit, the REINZ says
21 May 18, 1:27pm
REINZ says latest figures show predictable easing in sales volumes, particularly for the category of finishing units. Conversely, forestry has experienced a lift, albeit sales numbers are relatively small; lifestyle block sales up
23 Apr 18, 12:49pm
Sales of most types of rural property are down compared to a year ago, but finishing farm sales are up substantially
20 Mar 18, 1:20pm
There's a more cautious tone in the rural property market with farm and lifestyle block sales well down year-on-year
21 Feb 18, 2:26pm
Fewer farms and lifestyle blocks being sold - REINZ
24 Jan 18, 12:15pm
There is a danger that the supply of farms coming on to the market could outstrip demand - REINZ
17 Oct 17, 2:21pm
Farm sales down 30% year-on-year, lifestyle block sales down 23%, REINZ says
16 Aug 17, 10:41am
Overall farm prices are up 9% compared to 12 months ago but dairy farm prices are flat. Air of relief in rural property market: REINZ
17 Jul 17, 12:20pm
Farm sales and prices steady overall, dairy farm prices up, but big drops in sales of horticultural and lifestyle blocks, REINZ says
20 Jun 17, 10:56am
Farm prices rise with dairy taking the lead albeit with some 'financier instigated' sales activity, and the lifestyle block market quietens down a bit
18 May 17, 10:48am
Latest rural sales figures from REINZ show farm sale numbers at healthy levels; overall prices ease slightly compared with a year ago, but dairy prices up
21 Apr 17, 11:02am
Latest rural sales figures from REINZ show farm sale numbers and prices holding up in spite of the weather
15 Mar 17, 2:57pm
Farm sales down 8% on a year ago, as uncertainty over future income and the effects of weather volatility make buyers cautious
17 Feb 17, 10:48am
REINZ says lifestyle block market is 'challenging' as sales decline to lowest level in two years
23 Jan 17, 11:05am
Steady demand for good quality rural properties but less interest in lesser quality farms - REINZ
15 Dec 16, 3:48pm
The REINZ Dairy Farm Price Index is up 4.1% compared to 12 months ago but purchasers and banks remain cautious


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