Sharon Zollner

14 Mar 19, 1:40pm
GDP figures out next week widely expected to show an annual economic growth rate below 3% for the first time since late 2014
28 Feb 19, 1:10pm
ANZ's latest Business Outlook survey shows the recent improvement in levels of business confidence have stopped and a net 31% of survey respondents expect deteriorating conditions this year
16 Jan 19, 9:23am
Westpac economists challenge their ANZ counterparts, downplaying the effect higher proposed bank capital requirements will have on interest rates
10 Jan 19, 11:28am
ANZ's Truckometer indexes are now clearly flashing warning lights about a slower growth path for the New Zealand economy
20 Dec 18, 3:45pm
Slower than expected GDP growth, major bank capital changes, and a gloomy global outlook prompt ANZ economists to jump off the fence and forecast 3 OCR cuts by 2020
18 Dec 18, 4:58pm
Business confidence picks up to highest level since April according to ANZ survey; Tight credit conditions seen to be the loosest they've been in more than two years
12 Dec 18, 7:52am
Capacity constraints, prudence and wellbeing set to feature in the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update and Budget Policy Statement on Thursday
20 Nov 18, 11:02am
ANZ economists see continued strength in the regional housing markets with further 'catch-up' on Auckland prices
31 Oct 18, 1:14pm
ANZ's latest Business Outlook Survey shows shows sharp drop in intentions to construct in both residential and commercial sectors; ANZ Chief Economist says next official interest rate move is more likely to be a cut than a hike
30 Oct 18, 11:34am
ANZ economists believe the RBNZ will further relax the mortgage lending restrictions next month, though not by much; they see a 'neutral level' of low deposit loans being about 15%-20% of banks' lending
15 Oct 18, 11:44am
We face the apparently contradictory situation in which inflation is strongly rising and yet the Reserve Bank will keep the possibility of interest rate cuts on the table
27 Sep 18, 9:08am
OCR to be kept at an 'expansionary level for a considerable period', with the RBNZ Governor sticking to his line that the next move could be 'up or down'
26 Sep 18, 1:37pm
ANZ says latest results of its Business Outlook Survey suggest that while 'the economy may have hit a pothole, the wheels are not falling off'
30 Aug 18, 3:50pm
David Hargreaves says the Government may need a real business-friendly symbolic gesture to stop the country heading into a self-induced downturn
30 Aug 18, 1:38pm
ANZ’s Business Confidence Survey has registered yet another drop, with now 50% of all businesses surveyed expecting a deterioration in business conditions, dollar falls
9 Aug 18, 10:50am
ANZ Chief Economist Sharon Zollner looks at the detail of the country's slumping business confidence and what this might mean for the economy
6 Aug 18, 3:21pm
The Reserve Bank is expected to trim its GDP growth forecasts in its Monetary Policy Statement on Thursday; no change to Official Cash Rate expected
18 Jul 18, 12:26pm
ANZ economists suggest that our expensive housing is affecting the economy's productive potential
25 Jun 18, 11:09am
No one expects the Official Cash Rate to change on Thursday, but ongoing business confidence issues may get a mention in Governor Orr’s OCR statement
1 Jun 18, 7:38am
Treasury boss Gabriel Makhlouf says the age of superannuation entitlement ‘probably should increase’ to help manage what an economist calls NZ’s ‘looming fiscal time-bomb’


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