Auckland house prices

19 Oct 17, 11:29am
Statistics New Zealand says housing costs increased 50.5% in the past decade, while household income rose just 42%
18 Oct 17, 2:37pm
With no current Government and no permanent Reserve Bank Governor, there's potential for important decisions regarding housing to be left late
16 Oct 17, 3:44pm
Prices started at $550,000 for a two bedroom house in Papakura at Barfoot & Thompson's latest auctions
16 Oct 17, 11:40am
Latest ANZ residential property survey finds sharp spike in concern over meth contamination and over LVR restrictions
4 Oct 17, 12:50pm
As the rate of mortgage borrowing growth continues to slow sharply, David Hargreaves ponders on what level of growth the RBNZ would be content with
29 Sep 17, 10:02am
ANZ's Cameron Bagrie suggests the RBNZ may start easing its LVR restrictions from mid-2018, sees concerns for residential property developers & competition for deposits easing
27 Sep 17, 3:47pm
The Reserve Bank's loan to value lending restrictions are about to 'celebrate' their fourth birthday. But with the wind changing in the Government and a new RBNZ Governor to appoint, will there be a fifth?
27 Sep 17, 11:33am
New Reserve Bank figures show borrowing by investors for house purchases last month made up just 22% of the total, compared with about 35% in the months before tighter LVR rules were applied
21 Sep 17, 11:48am
Labour Party leader Ardern maintains stance that existing house values shouldn't drop as KiwiBuild increases supply of cheaper homes
20 Sep 17, 1:01pm
English tackled on government's housing demand and supply record; Says construction industry telling him 10,000 houses a year in Auckland "as fast as they can" go; Says cutting immigration wouldn't help; Rules out looking at asset taxes
19 Sep 17, 6:03am
Prices ranged from under $500,000 to over $2.5m at Barfoot & Thompson's latest auctions
15 Sep 17, 9:38am
Housing market continues its roller coaster ride with prices up and sales volumes down
11 Sep 17, 9:36am
National finance spokesman Steven Joyce says he's keen to look at savings tax rates next term; Alex Tarrant spoke to him about productivity, capital gains vs income, immigration, that export goal and house prices
9 Sep 17, 6:02am
Auckland University's Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy says the price of new Auckland houses must drop if housing affordability is to be significantly improved
6 Sep 17, 4:12pm
Kiwis' debt continues to dwarf household disposable income, but courtesy of the low interest rates this debt is still being comfortably serviced
5 Sep 17, 10:49am
Barfoot & Thompson's August sales volumes at lowest level since 2011, down 23% year-on-year
31 Aug 17, 3:39pm
New RBNZ figures show the total amount of mortgage borrowing grew by the smallest amount in dollar terms for three years last month
30 Aug 17, 3:06pm
Auckland’s property market looks set to stay weak for some time yet, even as housing shortage worsens, CoreLogic says
28 Aug 17, 12:51pm
Govt's housing supply response dealing to Auckland land prices is a "generational fix," Prime Minister Bill English says during discussion on homelessness, neo-liberalism and housing affordability
24 Aug 17, 3:42pm
New Reserve Bank figures show the amount borrowed by first home buyers was up last month compared with a year ago - while investors borrowed $1 bln less than they did in July 2016


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