12 Dec 17, 10:14am
ANZ becomes primary source of funding for UDC's lending business with investors collectively withdrawing over $550m during the past year
14 Oct 17, 7:24am
The ANZ's not wanting to answer questions about its now protracted sales process for UDC Finance - but it will have to soon
10 Oct 17, 11:29am
David Hargreaves suggests the Australian masters of the ANZ may not have done the venerable New Zealand finance company UDC any favours by snatching at the highest price available for selling it
5 Oct 17, 4:09pm
Nearly 9 months after the sale was announced, the seller ANZ and would-be buyer HNA say there are still 'steps and processes' to work through in completing UDC Finance acquisition
12 May 17, 5:02am
Chinese conglomerate HNA plans to place NZ finance company UDC under the wing of its large European-Canadian equipment service subsidiary TIP Trailer Services
14 Apr 17, 10:56am
Motu researchers on the utter uselessness of job interviews, the ethical challenge facing AI, twelve questions for 2017, putting a price tag on diversity, how globalisation affected manufacturing - plus lawyer, lawyer your pants are on fire and more
17 Mar 17, 10:05am
Martien Lubberink on the cost of bad behaviour, the problem with facts, willful blindness at the Spanish Central bank, bank governance being special & more
10 Feb 17, 9:59am
Motu researchers on the political benefits of destruction, Bill's datatopia, why meddling governments make you happy, the productivity gap, the Fed and fiscal policy, scaling the depths of bad puns and more
10 Nov 16, 10:05am
Philippe Legrain says Donald Trump’s election as US president endangers the liberal international order of his wiser, broader-minded predecessors
7 Oct 16, 10:08am
Martien Lubberink mulls 10 of the big questions and lessons around the Global Financial Crisis - principally relating to why the problems weren't seen before they blew up
27 Jun 16, 2:48pm
David Hargreaves says about the only thing we can be sure of is that American interest rates will not rise in the near future, so we need to focus on that
17 Jun 16, 8:22am
We could again very soon be confronted by our powerlessness in the face of global upheavals
10 Jun 16, 10:02am
Motu Research analysts look at food stamps, technology and productivity, Brexit and migration, taxing the poor, Presidential campaign myths, and more...
3 Jun 16, 10:02am
Martien Lubberink presents a European stew of monetary expansion, bank profitability, CoCos, rogue traders and more
6 May 16, 10:09am
First Union's Morgan Godfery on Trumps breaking out everywhere; the pain of incentives; wanting it both ways with houses; an enranged house hunter writes; trouble with trade; Dilbert & more
29 Apr 16, 11:52am
European dairy expert here telling us not to worry about rising EU milk output - "its finally starting to taper off" he says
29 Apr 16, 11:17am
Higher European dairy production is bad news for New Zealand with no tapering off evident, and their cranking up of WMP production
8 Sep 15, 9:35am
Oliver Hartwich concludes his assessment of what whent wrong in Europe with the lessons for New Zealand
7 Sep 15, 10:07am
Oliver Hartwich argues the Eurozone crisis started on the day the Euro currency was introduced
5 Sep 15, 1:39pm
Oliver Hartwich shows how Europe is proving that 'demographics is destiny' and the signs point to a more peaceful, less creative, less dynamic, and more risk averse place that has lost its mojo


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