22 Feb 18, 2:47pm
KiwiFund Bill to establish a committee to set up a government-run KiwiSaver scheme passes first reading; National dubs it misguided and unnecessary; Industry speaks out against 'political tinkering' 
22 Feb 18, 10:15am
Guardians of NZ Super say the Fund stood at $37.9 bln as at December and has returned 10.5%, after costs, since its inception in 2003
19 Feb 18, 3:15pm
ANZ economists see house prices being capped by affordability constraints and new Government measures
19 Feb 18, 11:14am
Westpac economists say many are getting it wrong expecting interest rates to rise soon; they don't see a rise till late next year; a subdued housing market will be a key reason why
13 Feb 18, 10:47am
Financial adviser Martin Hawes argues a stock market crash isn't looming, so remains bullish; Says now isn't the time for nervous investors to adjust their risk profiles
31 Jan 18, 12:41pm
ANZ economists say even though house prices look 'out of whack' with incomes, they can't see a sharp downward correction
30 Jan 18, 4:08pm
David Hargreaves tries to make sense of the various conflicting factors influencing the housing market as 2018 gets into swing
22 Jan 18, 2:20pm
Most homeowners still look 'reasonably well placed to meet mortgage commitments', ASB economists say; they see 'mild' house price rises this year
22 Dec 17, 10:09am
Lack of enthusiasm from major parties for New Zealand First's government-run KiwiSaver provider pitch with Labour non-committal
20 Dec 17, 1:21pm
Housing Minister says 2500 Christchurch state houses due to be sold by mid next year will now be retained
19 Dec 17, 1:47pm
Housing Minister announces establishment of interim unit within MBIE to start work on 100,000 affordable homes programme
20 Nov 17, 11:52am
ANZ NZ says it will retain 'a strong retail distribution platform' through an alliance with First NZ Capital
17 Nov 17, 7:36am
JBWere strategist who raised concerns about the share market's future in 2010, now says a slump in new listings, risks associated with an over-valued market & tax distortions aren't enough to prevent the NZX from growing
15 Nov 17, 4:10pm
David Hargreaves says the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is obscuring the likely huge future impact of Blockchain technology
8 Nov 17, 9:26am
Mercer's David Scobie assesses how KiwiSaver has worked out for members over the past decade on an after-tax, after-fees basis across the various risk categories
1 Nov 17, 5:02am
Fidelity Life board backs proposal for NZ Super Fund to inject new capital into the company through a $100 million deal  
3 Oct 17, 8:29am
SBS launches 10-year subordinated redeemable share issue; 'a much higher yielding product than anything we currently offer'
20 Sep 17, 9:11am
National, Labour and the Greens want to reduce government debt. But is it the right time for political parties to be campaigning on tightening the government’s purse strings?
21 Aug 17, 11:42am
Labour pledges to connect Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga through a rapid rail network, as well as double funding for regional road projects; Green Party commits to providing young people with free public transport
16 Aug 17, 8:31am
Generation Rent Investment Guide episode 4: What to look out for when managed fund shopping


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