milk price

20 Mar 19, 3:50pm
Rising global dairy prices are increasing Fonterra's chances of being able to pay a farmgate milk price at the top end of its current forecast range
20 Mar 19, 8:49am
Fonterra's new chief executive says the co-operative needs to put New Zealand 'front and centre' and extract the maximum value from milk produced here
11 Mar 19, 3:35pm
The new leadership of Fonterra will need to demonstrate at next week's half-year result announcement that they are getting a handle on the giant dairy co-operative's many problems and issues
5 Mar 19, 10:09am
Ratings agency Fitch says Fonterra has structural issues it needs to address; expects Fonterra to prioritise the strength of its balance sheet over payments to farmer shareholders; Hurrell gets Fonterra CEO job permanently
28 Feb 19, 9:09am
Very mixed news for farmers as Fonterra increases the milk price forecast by possibly as much as 60c, but slashes the earnings forecast possibly more than in half; no interim dividend
26 Feb 19, 4:30pm
ANZ says Fonterra dairy farmers should get $6.30/kg milk solids this season and $7.30/kg milk solids in 2019/20
5 Dec 18, 2:23pm
Westpac economists are the latest to trim their milk price forecast for this season - down to $6.10 from $6.25
3 Dec 18, 3:01pm
BNZ economists are the latest to lower their milk price forecast for the current season - to $6, which is below Fonterra's forecast range of $6.25 to $6.50
21 Nov 18, 11:20am
ASB economists trim farm gate milk price forecast for the second time in a month; now see price of $6, which is below the current Fonterra forecast
20 Nov 18, 12:00pm
David Hargreaves says Fonterra needs to find the right balance in tackling its many problems, while juggling the demands of a difficult global dairy backdrop
8 Nov 18, 12:08pm
An independent report prepared for farmer shareholders shows a $2 billion 'opportunity cost' in foregone earnings during Fonterra's 17 years of existence; 'value-added' business returns 'significantly below' what is needed
6 Nov 18, 10:36am
Fonterra offering an 'indicative margin' of 1.25% to 1.35% on the new seven-year bonds
5 Nov 18, 9:13am
Fonterra says it's considering a bond offer to raise up to $150 million that will be used 'for general corporate purposes'
17 Oct 18, 2:10pm
ASB economists now see a milk price for this season of $6.25 per kilogram of milk solids, down from a previous forecast of $6.50; see farmer net earnings as about $240 million lower
10 Oct 18, 8:57am
Fonterra says it's now forecasting a milk price for farmers this season of between $6.25 and $6.50 per kilogram of milk solids, down from its previous forecast of $6.75
3 Oct 18, 4:40pm
Economists say milk production levels this season will be crucial, with the strong start already putting pressure on prices
27 Sep 18, 4:16pm
BNZ senior economist Doug Steel sees Fonterra's $6.75 milk price forecast as difficult to achieve without an improvement in international product prices
19 Sep 18, 2:03pm
Further falls in the global price of dairy products indicate its now more when than if Fonterra reduces its forecast milk price below the current $6.75; Westpac has dropped its forecast to $6.25 from $6.50
13 Sep 18, 5:02pm
David Hargreaves thinks the struggling Fonterra dairy co-operative will need a close eye keeping on it as it endeavours to get its wobbly milk cart back on the trail
13 Sep 18, 9:13am
Fonterra holds milk price forecast at $6.75; forecasts earnings per share of 25c-35c this year; to review investments including Beingmate; full year loss of $196 million reported


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