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New daily currency rate comparisons and news now available - sign up here

New daily currency rate comparisons and news now available - sign up here

We have added a new daily email service that will be particularly useful if you need to buy or sell foreign currencies.

Getting a good rate will always be a key objective.

We track exchange rates from a number of sources, following rate changes every minute. Our webpages let you compare, all on one page, what each bank is offering for more than twelve currencies. Our Currencies pages follow the wholesale mid-rate for five key rates.

If you need to BUY foreign exchange, see here »  if you need to SELL foreign exchange see here »

But you can now also get a daily email with these rates, revealing the bank average rates, the best bank rate, and the rate from HiFX - all at about 9:30am. This information will give you valuable intelligence when you come to make your transaction - knowing what banks and other currency traders are quoting will help you negotiate.

In addition, this email links to key stories and relevant currency news. The daily email service is designed to be useful for both individual investors as well as corporate treasurers who make frequent transactions. Our daily rate sheet is comparative and relevant. It is also free.

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Forget the banks. When I needed to transfer a five figure sum from New Zealand to Australia I spent some time shopping around and got a much better rate from Plus there was the bonus of no fees to pay.


FYI CurrencyOnline is the retail brand owned by HiFx, which caters to larger businesses and for larger amounts.





Wow - the quoted bid and ask spreads suggest an element of profit sharing rather than service provision