KiwiSaver news and analysis

3 Aug 18, 10:06am
Diversification is key to investing, but we can only invest our KiwiSaver with one scheme. Jenée Tibshraeny explores whether the system is due for a tweak
29 Jul 18, 7:02am
Just as KiwiSaver fund balances start to rise to substantial levels, investors may need to focus on the changing economic landscape, possibly adjusting their portfolio allocations
27 Jul 18, 12:03pm
The aggressive KiwiSaver category grew 30% in a year as members chase upsized returns to build their retirement funds over the long run
25 Jul 18, 1:14pm
Boutique fund manager and investment magazine publisher launch KiwiSaver scheme with subscription-style fee structure and 'genuine' active management
24 Jul 18, 12:04pm
The small Conservative KiwiSaver category is growing fast and David Chaston can't work out why investors have directed $2.7 bln that way
20 Jul 18, 9:43am
David Chaston joins the call for KiwiSavers to move investments in default funds elsewhere, unless they're nearing retirement
19 Jul 18, 8:41am
David Hargreaves says the problem of KiwiSaver funds being effectively under-invested needs fixing quickly
12 Jul 18, 2:13pm
Share market investors more upbeat on NZ's financial markets than property investors despite jitters in both markets; KiwiSaver investor confidence subpar
7 Jul 18, 9:30am
Is it fair that if you keep working when you're over 65 your employer doesn't have to contribute to your KiwiSaver account? Martin Hawes thinks not and wants a law change
3 Jul 18, 4:50pm
Revenue spokesman Paul Goldsmith says the National Party won't support new tax bill because the government parties reversed National's planned tax cuts
2 Jul 18, 2:11pm
Government documents show the option of increasing the minimum employer KiwiSaver contribution was rejected in favour of adding new 6% and 10% employee contribution options
28 Jun 18, 11:52am
David Hargreaves says on one hand it's great to see so many first home buyers getting into the market - but the risks are looking very real at the moment
23 Jun 18, 9:11am
A fresh approach to personal savings is the only way to stop our slide into inequality and low productivity, argues Robert MacCulloch
15 Jun 18, 9:35am
KiwiSaver providers mixed on whether KiwiSaver should be used to encourage 'rainy day' savings on top of retirement and first home savings
12 Jun 18, 8:00pm
The CFFC's David Boyle wants KiwiSaver members to have the choice to fill a rainy day savings bucket, before contributing to a fund for their retirement or first home 
4 Jun 18, 6:31am
FMA CEO Rob Everett says the financial services sector is at a tipping point and needs to focus on how to make sure customers get a better deal
17 May 18, 3:13pm
Budget 2018 - Summary of all spending plans
17 May 18, 9:45am
David Chaston checks to see if having your KiwiSaver in a bank-based fund hurts your returns. It does in two risk categories, not so much in the others
16 May 18, 2:47pm
We analyse the MPs exposure to trusts, mortgages, and KiwiSaver. Yes, there are party differences, but some are not as pronounced as you might expect
13 May 18, 12:29pm
New Zealand benchmark yields are now lower than US equivalents, and even Australian ones. It's highly unusual. We reveal what is happening and search for reasons and drivers


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