Kiwis abroad who visit New Zealand for less than 90 days to be charged for staying in managed isolation, as will New Zealanders who leave the country now, and some temporary visa holders

Kiwis abroad who visit New Zealand for less than 90 days to be charged for staying in managed isolation, as will New Zealanders who leave the country now, and some temporary visa holders
Photo by Umedha Hettigoda. Sourced from Flickr.

Kiwis abroad, who return to New Zealand for less than 90 days, will be charged for staying in managed isolation for 14 days.

New Zealanders who leave the country after a new piece of legislation is passed, and then return, will also be charged, as will temporary visa holders, unless:

  • They were ordinarily resident in New Zealand as of 19 March 2020, and
  • They departed New Zealand on or before 19 March 2020, and
  • They are not entering New Zealand on a border exception as a critical worker.

Returnees will be charged $3100 per person in a room, $950 for each additional adult and $475 for each additional child sharing the room. 

Housing Minister Megan Woods only expects the charge to generate between $2.2 million and $8.8 million of revenue for the Government in a year. Meanwhile the scheme will cost about $600,000 to administer. 

She said the fee could be waived on compassionate grounds, for example if someone abroad needs to return to New Zealand for a funeral, or someone in New Zealand needs to travel for a funeral.

Those experiencing financial hardship can pay the fee in instalments.

Asked how the Government would go about policing people's reasons for travel, Woods said the scheme would be run on a trust-based model. 

Legislation enabling the above will be introduced to Parliament today and is expected to be passed next week.  

New Zealand First is up in arms over the fact all returning New Zealanders aren't being charged. 

Meanwhile, the Greens are claiming a win for preventing returnees who stay in New Zealand for longer than 90 days from being charged. 

There are around 600,000 to 900,000 New Zealand citizens living overseas. Around 400,000 to 600,000 are in Australia.

Around 7000 people can be accommodated for in the country's 31 managed isolation facilities at any one time.

Here’s a press release from Woods:

Legislation to allow the Government to recover some of the costs for managed isolation and quarantine will be introduced to Parliament today, said Minister of Housing Megan Woods.

“The Bill will allow the government to charge for managed isolation and quarantine facilities. We have carefully considered how to design a system that is fair on arrivals and not a barrier for returning to New Zealand, especially for those who might already be experiencing financial stress,” said Megan Woods. 

“We want to share the costs in a way that fairly reflects the benefits to both the New Zealand public of having such a robust system, and those who leave and enter the country. 

“As Minister I am proposing to only charge New Zealanders who enter temporarily, or who leave New Zealand after the regulations come into force. Temporary visa holders would have to pay unless they were ordinarily resident in New Zealand before the border closure, and left before the border closure. I intend to seek Cabinet agreement to a charging structure of $3100 per person in a room, $950 for each additional adult and $475 for each additional child sharing the room. There will also be mechanisms to allow charges to be waived in full or in part,” said Megan Woods.

The COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill provides a legal framework to allow the Government to set payment terms, exempt groups of people and waive charges in cases of financial hardship. It will also ensure that recovered charges do not exceed the actual costs of managed isolation and quarantine.

“The legislation will be passed next week before the House rises for the parliamentary term, and will enable regulations to be developed. Further details of the charging scheme and when it will come into force, will be announced soon. Charges will not apply to anyone entering New Zealand and going into MIQ before regulations are in force.

“All our confirmed COVID-19 cases in June and July have been linked to international travel. Our managed isolation and quarantine system is working. It is keeping COVID-19 at the border and stopping community transmission.

“We are carefully balancing the rights of New Zealand citizens and residents to return home and the charges structure will be designed to maintain this right. This solution balances the rights of New Zealanders to return home, while ensuring those who choose to holiday here, or holiday overseas before returning home, are contributing to the considerable cost of managed isolation,” said Megan Woods.

It is forecast that more people will be travelling and arriving at the border. The Government has set aside a total of $479 million dollars to pay for the costs of Managed Isolation facilities until the end of the year.


People in managed isolation and quarantine

Since March, more than 30,000 people completed their stay at a managed isolation facility or quarantine and have returned to their loved ones and friends.

The Government has covered the costs of accommodation, food, basic laundry and airport transfers, and has committed a further NZ$418 million towards costs for the next six months. However current forecasts indicate more money will be required by October.

There are currently 31 managed isolation facilities operating around the country.

Who would be affected?

Once the regulations come into force, it is proposed New Zealanders, and residents and temporary visa holders will have to pay charges as below:

Any New Zealander, who either:

  • Leaves New Zealand after the regulations come into force or
  • Is visiting New Zealand for less than 90 days

Any temporary visa holder, unless:

  • They were ordinarily resident in New Zealand as of 19 March 2020, and
  • They departed New Zealand on or before 19 March 2020, and
  • They are not entering New Zealand on a border exception as a critical worker.

Classes of people such as the following who are proposed NOT liable for charges include:

  • Family members travelling or isolating with people who do not have to pay charges (unless they are entering New Zealand on a border exception as a critical worker)
  • New Zealand citizens deported to New Zealand
  • Diplomats and official government representatives
  • Any person travelling to New Zealand to attend the sentencing of the accused in the Christchurch mosque attacks
  • Refugees and protected persons for their first entry into New Zealand after the charges come into force

I’m a New Zealander hoping to return to New Zealand soon. Will I have to pay?

New Zealanders who are currently overseas (i.e who left before the regulations came into force) will not have to pay if they stay in New Zealand for 90 days or longer.

I’m a New Zealander about to go on holiday. Will I have to pay when I return?

If you leave New Zealand after the regulations come into force, it is proposed that you would have to pay for your managed isolation unless you qualify for a waiver or are otherwise exempt.

Is this legal?

Under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, New Zealanders have the right to enter New Zealand. This means anything that prevents or impedes that right to return to New Zealand needs to be justified.

Charging people for their stays in MIQ affects this right to enter New Zealand. That’s why we are taking extra care to make sure that:

  • People are not charged any more than the actual and reasonable costs of MIQ,
  • Fees can be waived in cases of financial hardship,
  • No upfront payment would be required, and
  • There will be flexibility in how people could pay.

I will carefully consider advice on Bill of Rights Act issues carefully before making any decisions about charges.

What does Australia charge?

Several Australian States and Territories have announced quarantine charges in the last few weeks.  For example, New South Wales charges all international passengers including Australian citizens and permanent residents in hotel quarantine AUD 3,000 (about NZD 3,200) with lower rates for additional children and adults sharing accommodation.

How many Kiwis are overseas?

An estimated 600,000 to 900,000 New Zealand citizens are living overseas, with around 400,000 to 600,000 living in Australia. It is unknown how many are intending to return.

How long will we have the managed isolation and quarantine system for?

It is impossible to tell how the situation develops internationally and in New Zealand. Our priority is keeping New Zealand safe. The Government is working to make the system sustainable and manageable for as long as we need it and it is expected the system will be amended as appropriate.

Why is self-isolation at home not allowed?

Our experience from February and March 2020, before managed isolation and quarantine was introduced, showed that compliance with self-isolation requirements by people arriving in New Zealand was patchy and could not be relied on.

Here's a statement from Green Party co-leader James Shaw.

Green Party protects stranded Kiwis from $3000 fee for coming home

The Green Party are ensuring that New Zealanders who were overseas when COVID-19 hit will not be charged for the cost of isolation or quarantine if they return home to live.

“The Green Party are making sure Kiwis who need to return to New Zealand to live are not charged a $3000 fee,” Green Party Co-leader James Shaw said today.

“Kiwis who are returning to New Zealand temporarily can have a fee waived on compassionate grounds or if they’re experiencing financial hardship.

“As a country, we should be supporting people to come home if that is what is needed for their wellbeing. New Zealand is their home and they have a right to come back.

“Kiwis overseas are facing job losses, financial insecurity, and not knowing when they’ll see their families again. Now is not the time to be making things harder for our people overseas.

“There is of course a balance, and for people choosing to leave New Zealand for overseas holidays or business trips from now on, it’s only fair they contribute to the cost of isolation when they return. It is also fair that Kiwis who choose to come back for a short trip, but it is not for compassionate reasons and they have the money to contribute, should do so.”  

Green Party Immigration spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman said today:

“New Zealanders should be able to come home if they want to. The Green Party does not support policy which could stop people coming back because they can’t afford to pay.

“It would have always been incredibly unfair to charge New Zealanders overseas who had left New Zealand before it was clear a returning cost would be imposed. 

“We’ve heard the distress of New Zealanders overseas, for whom the cost of quarantine would be a huge barrier to return.

“Safe and effective isolation and quarantine measures are a public health response, and benefit our whole community. Our effort to protect New Zealanders who need to come home to live, plus provisions for struggling New Zealanders who need to come back temporarily, is a win for all of us.”

Under the proposed policy:

·New Zealanders returning home to live will not be charged.

·New Zealanders who want to return home for a short period of time who are experiencing financial hardship will have an instalment-based payment plan available, and there will be discretion to waive all fees on compassionate grounds.

·New Zealanders who will be charged are those who want to come back temporarily, and are not experiencing financial or personal hardship.

·New Zealanders who decided to leave for a business trip or holiday of fewer than 90 days will be charged.

And here's a statement from NZ First leader Winston Peters.

New Zealand First Response to COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill Announcement

“While New Zealand First will support the passage of the enabling COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill, New Zealand First has invoked the ‘Agree to Disagree’ provisions of the Coalition Agreement because, on behalf of the ‘team of five million,’ it cannot support the unfair eligibility criteria for those New Zealanders being asked to contribute to their managed isolation or quarantine (MIQ) costs,” said New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters.

“We cannot support the miniscule population of qualifying people to be charged partial MIQ costs, as outlined in today’s government announcement:

·People who leave New Zealand after the legislation comes into effect; or

·People who are visiting New Zealand temporarily.

“Severely limiting the number of New Zealanders who will contribute to their MIQ to the extent announced today is a dreadful public policy response given the problem it seeks to address – the rising costs of the MIQ system on taxpayers – won’t be solved because of the self-limiting, tiny population it will affect,” stated Mr Peters.  

“Furthermore, we believe that the Green Party opposition to the originally proposed policy (that all returning New Zealanders be charged), alongside the incredibly inequitable regime proposed by our coalition partner, is putting naked political self-interest ahead of a prudent public policy response to the burdens being faced by domestic taxpayers who are, after all, underwriting the full costs of the MIQ regime.

“It is quite clear to New Zealand First that Labour/Green opposition to a more equitable and consistent MIQ charging regime opens them to the allegation that they are being overtly political. Why? Again, the Greens and Labour leave themselves open to the perception that they see New Zealanders overseas as a source of votes for the looming General Election, so public policy integrity has given way to electoral strategy.

“This is grossly unfair on the New Zealand taxpayer, burdened with the burgeoning cost of maintaining the MIQ system – already estimated to be half a billion dollars for the remainder of the year.

“It is absurd that the policy directly targets only those New Zealand residents already living here, who leave the country after the legislation receives Royal Assent, but who will then be asked to pay partial costs for their MIQ upon return, when no New Zealander currently abroad, will face any cost whatsoever.

Mr Peters continued, “In New Zealand First’s view that creates a fresh injustice for existing members of the ‘team of five million’ (the team whose actions kept us safe) while our diaspora, a team of ‘one million’ (not one of whom contributed to our public health success and who represent heightened health risk to the country) will have their MIQ fully subsidized by the New Zealand taxpayer. That is flatly wrong.

“In New Zealand First’s view, it would have been preferable for all returnees to be charged partial MIQ costs via IRD, in a similar arrangement to the Student Loan Scheme. This would not discriminate between different types of returning New Zealanders. All returnees could be issued with an IRD number on arrival, if they don’t already have one.

“At implementation stage, IRD would be provided with the discretion to write-off any debt due to hardship at a future date. IRD would also be given the ability to seek payment of the debt once the returnee either proved their ability to pay or gained employment and began to pay tax.

“While acknowledging Bill of Rights concerns about partial charges for returning New Zealanders, New Zealand First believes that legislation can nevertheless overcome these because the government is not refusing to allow the return of any New Zealander. It is merely asking that person to share with all current New Zealand taxpayers an impost that contributes to a society-wide sharing of MIQ system costs.  

“We know many returning New Zealanders who are happy to contribute to their MIQ costs, further underscoring the inadequacy of today’s announcement as a prudent policy response on behalf of New Zealand taxpayers,” ended Mr Peters.

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Chances of this happening if it wasn't an election year? Slim to zero.


Chances of you commenting something negative about this if it came from National? Slim to zero.


Chances of Labour doing this if National hadn't floated this?


Here's Todd Muller ruling out charging returning NZers for isolation, when Labour were first publicly mulling doing this:

Obviously the government would have been discussing it behind closed doors weeks, if not months, before they started talking about it publicly.


Labour hasn't got anyone effective to do anything, so they need to act on Nationals ideas.
An unbiast mainstream press would be reporting on that wouldn't they???

National are a complete shambles at the moment.

I cant understand anyone who is die hard blue or red! Both are very disappointing to say the least.

The one thing I can say is that had National been in power when Covid hit there would be a hell of a lot more dead kiwis.

This has been tossed around for months, it's more likely the Nats picked up on it as talk about it got more serious. It is in their DNA afterall


Every few days we see a National Party idea adopted by Labour.
National is actually calling the shots and Labour jumps up and says it will act. WTF this is a comedy show that I dont find funny at all. We may as well elect Jonno and Ben, I don't find them funny either.

Please list these ideas that "every few days" Labour adopts from National.


Watch the news.

Ok, so you can't make a list of the things Labour has supposedly stolen off National every few days, but you just want to pretend that that happen(s/ed).

8 people ticked it up, which is quite a few on this site, so I'm guessing they agree.

A lot more than 8 people voted for Trump, too. My replies to you have 8 up-votes between them as well, so long as we're counting.

The fact is, you can't provide a list of these supposed numerous things that Labour is stealing from National every few days, because they don't exist.

Oh...still nothing.

kezza...are you telling us to listen to and believe the "unbiased mainstream media" you desribe above?


This complaint has often been made the other way around too.

We'll stick with the here and now.

Very convenient.

Really highlights how 90% of their policy seems to be the same though. Like National running last time on increasing Working for Families ("communism by stealth!" - John Key, prior to adopting and extending Labour policy) and the Landlord Supplement.

Or potentially - as Bridges was wont to do - how effective National is at yelling for something they're aware is about to drop, so as to look like it was their idea in the first place.

"Or potentially - as Bridges was wont to do - how effective National is at yelling for something they're aware is about to drop, so as to look like it was their idea in the first place."
Kezza was hoping you wouldn't notice that!

Labour’s ascendancy shows the electorate isn’t particularly discerning. If it works then do it. Maybe Cindy could work a bit faster.

It took this long for Lanour to implement something so simple, I'm sure most agree it should have been done at the start.

As you demonstrate, it's much easier to shout with absolute surety and no responsibility than to implement real legislation.

Bertrand Russell described well such surety.

It seems a very balanced approach, it differentiates between those who make a choice (i.e. leaving NZ now, coming here for a short time) and those who have not (i.e. losing their income or work visas overseas). As an immigrant, I do find it hard I cannot visit my elderly overseas parents without being charged and quaranteed (possibly on both sides) but I do find it perfectly reasonable, as I make informed choices around that and I chose to live far away from family which always carries the risk of not being there at crucial moments. This may be different for refugees.


National is in bed with the CCP and I will not vote for them while they persist!
Labour is only a slither more separated form them than National.

I would consider voting Labour if they could actually deliver.
As I've said before it is not 'my team v your team', both of them need to held accountable and represent the people of NZ instead of their alliances behind the scenes. The naritive needs to move away from the 'my team' perspective to a 'do your bloody job or you will be sacked!' a bridge..

And accept systemic failures? NEVER!

How will you get to the other side then?

What is a slither?

I like this. It’s taken three years for me to find something positive about this government but better late than never.

I think its a waste of time and energy. At between $2.2 million and $8.8 million of revenue for the Government in a year - it just saved us probably a dollar each in tax a year!

Its the signalling as well that has value. I have a relative who is apoplectic about paying anything despite travelling business class back to NZ with the intent of flying back out when visa problems are sorted. That and the incessant whinging from kiwis on their OE. Screw them. Someone will have to pay these debts back and I see them as saying eff you Boomer, you can pay. The worm is turning.

Unearned property riches? Eff you millennials you can pay insane housing costs. Look at me, my property is worth 2.5 million. La dee da.

Imprisoning returning kiwi citizens to subsidize the hotel industry and to prevent lonely suffocating deaths for boomers? Screw them! They should pay!

That's some grade A pearl clutching. My hat off to you, sir.


As a NZ citizen domiciled offshore, this seems fair and well considered to me.

As an NZ citizen with NZ born offspring offshore, it seems fair to me as well.
Sure, Christmas this year will be a logistical challenge (who goes where?!) but that's how it goes.

Why would you want to return to NZ? (hint for all of you one eyed xenophobes, its because kiwi passports dont get you residency anywhere good, you HAVE NO CHOICE)


People who have been long-term overseas should have to pay when they return to NZ.

There's all this self-serving justification like "they will pay taxes when they get here" and "the health system in NZ is free so this should also be free".

1. Returning to NZ already incurs costs, such as flights, and there will be various airport taxes and fees built into the cost of those flights. You're not exempt in paying those costs when you return to NZ, so why should you be exempt from these additional costs?
2. Returning to NZ is primarily a personal good, although there is also some public good in it. Tertiary education is primarily a personal good, although there is also some public good in it, so university students are expected to pay for a small portion (only about 1/6th) of their education costs and interest free student loans are available to help pay for this.
3. General taxes are for the general purpose of running the country. If you return to NZ and pay taxes - great, those taxes go to the services you and everyone else in the country uses in day to day life. People in this country don't use quarantine services in their day to day lives, so this shouldn't be broadly paid by general taxation monies.

At the very least people should be paying towards their food costs, since they'd have to pay for food even if they weren't in isolation / quarantine.

There's all this self-serving justification like "they will pay taxes when they get here" and "the health system in NZ is free so this should also be free".

How does the following argument rub with you. I'm based offshore but have personal bank accounts in NZ with deposits well into 6 figures. Those funds I hold are indirectly responsible for people to buy property (or punt on house prices) if you consider them as bank reserves. A typical NZ h'hold barely has two sticks to rub together in terms of cash deposits so you can argue my contribution to the 'economic wellbeing' of NZ is greater.


So your argument is that because you have money in NZ bank accounts, people who 'barely have two sticks to rub together' after paying local housing and living costs should pay for you to come and go as you please - them being the ones who actually took the severe financial pain to make NZ Covid-free? Have I got that right?

Kind of yes. The banks get to leverage the cash deposits and I'm not a burden on the public sector nor do I use the infrastructure. OK, i don't spend into the consumer economy like immigrants.

Lots of people living overseas have got houses in NZ that they rent out here as well. So what?

Hardly..daily these people you talk about are paying GST on consumption, fuel taxes, and PAYE..while your boastful 6 figure sum earns a trickle of interest and some RWT tax to the government. You offer zip to the country.

Interesting comment. The media has been playing up on the hope expats would return to NZ.

Which is much more than Labour delivered with Kiwi Build.

Am pretty sure they delivered you from Covid19 and the mayhem and anarchy you predicted at the start of lockdown Kezza. But with 8 up ticks on a previous comment, you must be leading the way in common sense comments... aye!

I thought only citizens or residents were allowed in , how many
"Temporary visa holders would have to pay unless they were ordinarily resident in New Zealand before the border closure"
are we letting in that are not health workers?

Whoops our socialist mainstream media isn't reporting what is actually going on.

That's the best joke of the week. Most of the prominent journos are right wingers.

The truth is that media go lightly on whoever is in government.

you mean the common sense journos

Nominally. Pretendy right wing, perhaps.

are we letting in that are not health workers

There are larger things at play here in NZ than our fight against a health crisis.
Unless you think laid-off hospo workers can provide engineering expertise to complex IT and construction projects, we still need to bring highly-specialised workers from overseas.

For example, I think it was WSP or one of the other CRL contractors who got a border exemption for bringing tunneling experts into NZ in May.
My ex-employer also got approval to bring in a software engineer with years of hands-on experience in fintech development.

they paid for the wellington sewage expert, any business bringing someone in should pay for them as well

Wellington, sewage, expert... Is that a twisted way of announcing a PR spin expert?

Don't forget the 'critical workers' required for a certain boat race that the NZ Govt have pumped a few million of our tax payer dollars into.

Seems like a fair bunch of compromises to me. It'll never be perfect. Labour are probably pretty happy if the Greens are criticising them from one direction and NZF from the other.

Greens criticising on one side, NZF criticising on the other and Labour jumping when National suggests something, is how I see it.
Outstanding that it has taken this long and so much money to get to this stage.

Why complain about Labour adopting a National suggestion?
You would rather they reject it out of mindless tribalism?
Genuinely confused by this complaint.

I would rather a Govt that could think for themselves.
I don't think that wanting a Govt that can deliver would be too much to ask for either.

My partner and I suddenly have a lot of relatives in the islands who are close to dying...

this policy will have unintended consequences. i.e. it will drive a large wave of returning kiwis before the implementation deadline right when COVID is at its peak globally. In other words the govt is doing their best to import as much COVID as they can, albeit into quarantine.

The bottle neck of lack of isolation accommodation is stopping big influxes.

How? They only have to pay if they're staying for less than 90 days.

lekker,the inflows are being very carefully managed now,so no influx,Air NZ just today announced a freeze on bookings from Australia until at least 28 August.

Jacinda has been a good leader. Quick thinking, fair and articulate. Unfortunately her government hasn't delivered much other than giving away future New Zealander's savings.
As for National, they are equally as hopeless and have a leadership vacuum. Let's be real, that slippery old goat won't win the election for them.
Labour and National are like 2 cheeks of the same backside! It's time for something new . . . maybe I'll vote for the twerker, he seems to be doing a good job.

I gave you a tick for the twerker comment. Two ticks ACT. No to dope, yes to Euthanasia. Give me my papers now. I’m not changing my mind.

I'm anyone who has a chance at hand breaking Labour, yes to dope it is already out there anyway in mass, yes to euthanasia

How the hell do we end up with the two main Parties and all the other hang on's arround the edges being so bloody useless and the population of NZ not standing up and calling them out?
You were elected to do a job, do it or get out.

Half a billion dollars to cover for managed isolation, ouch

vs who knows how much if we hadn't handled it the way they did...lets copy Australia Hosking & the Nats said,lets open up...well thats going well for them...

That is a my 'team v your team' answer.

Why has Labour, Greens and NZF allowed this cost to get so high when it was logic that anyone exiting for a short duration should pay for themselves.

It’s interesting why we aren’t using military bases for quarantine. That’s what the US did initially with cruise passengers. There’s logistics to get them to Waiouru etc. but it’s all government property and likely excess space. Some barrack rooms could be converted to family suites. Seems a potential lower cost option vs buying up hotels. Would also be better from a security standpoint.

Could offer a lower-cost option, too, which is good if you're forcing people to pay.

This is what Vietnam has been doing. Oh, and empty beach resorts

We'll have to wait untill National states that they are going to do this intill it happens.
Yeah it would be a no brainer to anyone with a brain. To few in politics with a brain.

Yeah, lets not try and support the hotel industry who have no other clients at this stage, eh?

Lets just let all the hotels go out of business, since obviously international tourism is never coming back, ever.

Or, perhaps, it's a good idea to keep hotels operating, employing people and contributing to the economy? So when international travel does start back up again, hotels exist for people to use?

Full room rate per day @ full occupancy with overseas owned hotels wasn't it.

You obviously haven't stayed in an Auckland Hotel in the last few years.
Generally owned by some multinational firm.
Then staffed by a bunch of international students studying "Tourism"

Hardly a pillar of the local economy.

They probably aren’t using military bases, because they are full of military personnel.

Nah having spent some time in several there is significant excess capacity.

Nah having spent some time in several there is significant excess capacity.

As political parties react to populist sentiment in an election year, curiously no discussion about alternatives to quarantine. Intense messaging on this issue like many others has cast it as "the" solution, unquestioned and seemingly unquestionable, thereby quelling any meaningful discussion about the outcomes we're trying to achieve and alternative options.

"We have always been at war with Coronavirus."

Yes there's no discussion, just the echo chamber supporting the governments quarantine. Today's Herald article for instance "Americans dream of covid free NZ: 250,000 checking to see if they can move here" Hmmm did that just come from the propaganda pravda?

When the dust settles the government will realise that COVID has to be lived with and mitigated against. Only then will people of New Zealand realise the enormity of the damage, and wastage of money that's occurred as a result of futile policies like this.

In the meantime

Really? What do you base your assertion on?

Seriously Fat Pat? Everyone is telling me the NZ economy is well on the way up the V recovery. Have you been watching the body count in the US?

115,000 out of 328,000,000. So about one 25th of one percent of the population have died testing positive for the virus.

It sucks if you already close to death's door. But it's far from apocalyptic.

Latest figure is 151k and that's going to be a under-reported value as not everyone who dies will have been tested.

Sweden has a very high death rate per capita, and immunity hasn't developed as well as hoped.

Quote from their PM "Now the question is how Sweden should change, not if."

@fat pat, yup. But all this is hardly surprising as no New Zealand leader has ever showed signs of having long-term future-proof vision.

It is all about today and it will always be.

To be fair the National party is just as shortsighted

Looks worse than it really is when only 2 of the top 10 causes of death are in the graph.

it’s rubbish isn’t it. There is way too much of these scare tactics. Maybe Trump was correct about fake news.

Very mesmerising...

I remember the Claytons ad, "the drink you have when you're not having a drink". This policy brings back those happy memories.......

Is Labour capable of actually delivering anything other than words? This is like Kiwibuild. A policy that promises to charge returnees, but in reality only 2% of them will end up paying. What's the point, other than to remove the issue from National's election campaign?

It's going to get worse.. 5G network is being introduced in Palmerston North, will be more cases there ..