Election 2014 - Party Policies - Defence

Election 2014 - Party Policies - Defence


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  • ACT supports a strong defence force including adequate funding and an increase in reservists.
  • ACT also recognises that, for a small country in a dangerous world, security means collective security.
  • ACT sees the country’s anti-nuclear stance as an unjustifiable obstacle to better cooperation with our closest allies, and supports lifting this ban. (more here)

  • Explicitly exclude participation in the ANZUS Treaty, the Five Power Defence Arrangement and the UK/USA intelligence agreement from the NZDF mission.
  • Review the structure and governance of the NZDF, looking at which functions can be carried out by civilian agencies or put under joint military/civilian control, ie whether some maritime patrol planes and ships could be operated by customs, and ensure our armed forces retain and develop the ability to work with civilian agencies.
  • Support developing a centre for the training of international peacekeepers in New Zealand, and supports our focus being a niche peacekeeping force in the Asia/Pacific region. We should dispense with capabilities gained to enable New Zealand to operate as a subordinate part in a combat task force led by the United States, Britain or Australia, including phasing out the ANZAC frigates.
  • Ensure that New Zealand has sufficient capabilities for peacekeeping, search and rescue, disaster relief, fisheries and border control tasks, maritime surveillance to monitor our waters, naval patrolling, and special forces.
  • Ensure our veterans receive adequate, fair and appropriate support. Investigate the feasibility of exempting NZDF personnel serving on overseas operations from the obligation to pay income tax on allowances paid to personnel while they serve on such operations. (more here)

  • Repair the damage done to Defence Force capabilities, from a situation where it currently cannot guarantee sustaining an overseas deployment for more than twelve months.
  • Ensure that the wages, conditions and treatment of personnel are able to ensure that the Defence Force can retain, recruit and upskill personnel, so that it is capable of carrying out the roles expected of it.
  • Invest in the capital equipment needed to ensure the effectiveness of the Defence Force.
  • Ensure all veterans who have served in overseas operational deployments receive the full benefits of the Veteran’s Pension including funeral lump sum payments. (more here)

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  • Boost defence spending by $535 million over four years from Budget 2014.
  • Invest more than $1 billion on new and upgraded capabilities for the Defence Force.
  • Support New Zealand’s regions by retaining all Defence camps and bases.
  • Ensure the Defence Force can continue to respond in the event of natural disasters, as they were able to do after the Canterbury earthquakes.
  • Strengthen our Defence Force by: Completing the Individual Weapons Replacement Project by purchasing 8,000 new weapons to replace the Steyr rifles; Upgrading the self-defence systems of the Navy Frigates Te Mana and Te Kaha, ensuring they can safely deploy in any maritime area; Replacing the supply ship HMNZS Endeavour with a new supply ship capable of supporting a Joint Task Force anywhere in the Pacific; Upgrading and modernising the Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) to ensure they remain capable of dealing with modern threats; and Upgrading the Air Force Orions so they can safely support our vessels on maritime operations. (more here)

  • Restore New Zealand’s strike capability with a small advanced force of jet trainer and combat aircraft.
  • Make greater use of our Defence Forces including Regular and Territorial/Reserve elements both in New Zealand and in the South Pacific region in civil assistance and civil aid programmes.
  • Expand the Limited Service Volunteer and cadet core schemes in order to provide training for youth at risk aimed at building confidence, self-esteem, responsibility, and self-discipline.
  • Establish an independent armed forces remuneration board to set pay levels that are able to contribute to improved recruitment and retention.
  • Review entry standard requirements to ensure that suitable candidates are not excluded from joining the Defence Force. (more here)

  • Reach a multi-party accord on ten year defence and capital equipment funding for the New Zealand Defence Force so that it is well equipped to meet peacekeeping, peace building, humanitarian and disaster relief operations. We believe the focus should be on ‘the best small integrated defence force in the world’. (more here)

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