Phil Goff

12 Feb 19, 9:39am
A $100 million marine development in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter is awaiting OIO approval before work can start
11 Feb 19, 10:24am
A working group report looking at the feasibility of relocating the Ports of Auckland is expected soon
7 Feb 19, 3:25pm
Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones says Auckland Mayor Phil Goff should find money for an apparent City Rail Link shortfall instead of worrying about light rail
22 Jan 19, 4:53pm
The local body election cycle has rolled around again with elections due later this year. So what's happening with the push to increase voter turnout by enabling online voting?
13 Nov 18, 10:32am
Special purpose vehicle will fund $91 mln of infrastructure to support building of 9,000 homes at Wainui, north of Auckland
8 Aug 18, 2:57pm
Auckland Council points to surging housing consent numbers particularly on 'brownfield sites' as evidence the Unitary Plan is working and 'helping deliver a more compact city'
10 Jul 18, 10:24am
Sam Warburton calls out the false claim by public transport boosters that Auckland's new regional fuel tax isn't as regressive as you think. It is, and is really hurting poor families
15 Jun 18, 12:40pm
Report highlights 'considerable risks' of trying to get light rail from Auckland's CBD to airport in time for 2021 America's Cup & APEC Summit
8 Jun 18, 2:49pm
The NZ Initiative's Sam Warburton says it's time to push back against a lack of evidence in local & central government policy making
2 May 18, 2:24pm
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff responds to Opposition Leader Simon Bridges’ claims the Council ‘lacks fiscal discipline’
30 Apr 18, 11:02am
The Opposition Leader takes a swipe at Auckland Council in his first major economic speech as leader and says the Council should aspire to be more like the previous National-led Government
26 Apr 18, 9:02am
Phils Twyford & Goff unveil $28 bln decade long Auckland transport plan including light rail, Penlink & Mill Rd, heavy rail & bus upgrades, safety improvements, plus more dedicated cycle lanes
6 Nov 17, 1:26pm
Think tank welcomes Housing Minister's suggestions of simplifying planning rules and abolishing Auckland's rural urban boundary
2 Nov 17, 12:26pm
Auckland Mayor Goff keen on value uplift tax to help pay infrastructure costs, but is sometime off; Discusses light rail funding split, regional fuel tax with PM Ardern
2 Nov 17, 9:21am
Nobody is building affordable housing in Auckland, Mayor Goff says; Welcomes new Labour govt's KiwiBuild, says could save Special Housing Areas which didn't deliver; Ardern notes house price fall, but that average price is still above $1m
8 Oct 17, 6:02am
The Spinoff's Simon Wilson looks at where Phil Goff & Auckland are at a year into his mayoralty and finds the city needs money, and lots of it
31 Jul 17, 12:49pm
Labour has a problem, but there are ways to fix it: A simple platform that would appease voters who left; Stay away from complex policies that attract negative reactions & scare National's swingers. And get a proper tax policy again
24 Jul 17, 9:20am
National promises $600m for housing infrastructure investment alongside private sector for projects to be owned by SPVs, repaid through targeted rates and volumetric charges; Labour says this was its policy from 2015
22 Jul 17, 10:52am
Allan Barber calls on the Auckland Council to 'grasp the nettle' to ensure the America's Cup is hosted in Auckland with an infrastructure that makes the most of the event and the years after
11 Jul 17, 10:28am
Government shares out $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund among five councils - mostly in the top half of the North Island


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