Rural news

24 Sep 18, 11:19am
Keith Woodford explains why lack of retained earnings combined with flawed investment strategies is at the heart of both the Fonterra and Westland Dairy capital constraints
24 Sep 18, 10:28am
Farm sales prices are up 4% on last year but dairy farm prices are down 13.2% with Fonterra 'volatility' taking a toll
22 Sep 18, 5:00am
Tax Working Group Chairman Michael Cullen on taxing capital gains, environmental taxes, incentives for retirement savings & applying GST to financial services
19 Sep 18, 2:03pm
Further falls in the global price of dairy products indicate its now more when than if Fonterra reduces its forecast milk price below the current $6.75; Westpac has dropped its forecast to $6.25 from $6.50
19 Sep 18, 11:21am
Keith Woodford analyses the meaning of the numbers that lie deep within Fonterra’s accounts
19 Sep 18, 9:41am
Europeans try to target livestock farming in the name of climate change, but are conflicted with heavy subsidies for their farmers. Depending on how they act, New Zealand could be a winner. Demand keeps local prices high
15 Sep 18, 10:04am
Domestic log demand shows signs of softness, but export volumes hold up. Ironically, lower grades are getting price increases but higher grades not. Probably temporary
14 Sep 18, 1:43pm
Fonterra's woes seem to boil down to the tension between executing its long term market strategies, and maximising short term farmer returns. Updating governance the new focus
13 Sep 18, 9:13am
Fonterra holds milk price forecast at $6.75; forecasts earnings per share of 25c-35c this year; to review investments including Beingmate; full year loss of $196 million reported
10 Sep 18, 11:17am
Keith Woodford explains how the narrative is changing in regard to the need for methane emissions, with less need for drastic reductions
6 Sep 18, 9:08am
Dairy pices fall on higher WMP offerings, and despite EU production drop. Politics and regulation gnaw at irrigation. Weather change puts back El Nino-effect prediction
5 Sep 18, 6:23pm
Keith Woodford explains why MPI needs to bring a science-based culture to the fore
5 Sep 18, 11:32am
Allan Barber notes that New Zealand agriculture has reached peak production volume. From here out, survival and prosperity will only happen up the value chain
5 Sep 18, 8:44am
The necessary detail of what the targets will be for agriculture GHG reductions are getting proper attention finally. Market price signals generally positive
3 Sep 18, 4:14pm
Treasury says it is watching the rise of artificial meat but it doesn't see a threat to New Zealand's red meat sector at this stage - even as global demand for red meat products has stopped rising
3 Sep 18, 1:29pm
Rabobank NZ commissions independent report to probe its governance and management frameworks & the extent of its independence from the Rabobank Group
3 Sep 18, 12:25pm
Beef prices have been rising locally as exports to China jump. But it is US market and weather conditions, and US trade policy, that might will set the future direction
31 Aug 18, 8:56am
Fonterra chops -25c from milk payout on rising global supply. New 2018/19 forecast payout is now $6.75/kgMS
30 Aug 18, 9:27am
NZ First MP Shane Jones unhappy with banks' reduced regional services at a time when they’re making ‘stupendous profits.' To meet RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr to plead his case
30 Aug 18, 8:47am
Guy Trafford confronts the challenges of extensive milk regulations, and relates that to the incidence of Listeriosis and its fatal outcomes


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