Rural news

22 Aug 18, 4:42pm
Allan Barber reviews the soap opera that is NAIT and finds little has changed despite reviews and clear indications the program is not delivering what it promised
22 Aug 18, 4:31pm
Further falls in global dairy prices indicate that even a $6.50 farmgate milk price could be in doubt
22 Aug 18, 10:19am
Guy Trafford looks at what the future might hold for Lincoln University, and how consumer perceptions might change feedlot operations
21 Aug 18, 8:56am
Sharp reduction in Chinese buying power causes a big drop in prices for export logs, even as Chinese log stocks reduce. Lower prices flow from India too
20 Aug 18, 11:49am
Keith Woodford discusses how Fonterra’s governors become information prisoners of management and lack independent market insights
19 Aug 18, 9:28pm
Guy Trafford highlights the increasing urgency required to address and action adaptive responses to local population increases and global climate change
15 Aug 18, 8:51am
A few farmers who game rural regulations on intensive practices to protect water quality are undermining the progress of best-practice farming, says Guy Trafford who supports clearer rules and stiffer protections
15 Aug 18, 8:25am
Embattled dairy giant Fonterra has appointed Miles Hurrell as interim CEO with immediate effect; Theo Spierings will leave at the end of the month
11 Aug 18, 10:34am
Guy Trafford and IrrigationNZ's Andrew Curtis argue irrigation and agreement on water policy will be crucial for food production in the future
10 Aug 18, 8:58am
Fonterra says dividend will be just 10c, down from 40c, while final milk price for season just gone has been cut to $6.70 from the expected $6.75; Shareholders' Council says situation 'unacceptable'
9 Aug 18, 3:38pm
The red meat sector is changing fast, as fast as its trading environment. Allan Barber assesses whether they are keeping up with all the transitions going on around them
9 Aug 18, 1:33pm
Dairy giant Fonterra has gone into a trading halt on NZX while it determines whether earnings from the July year will be different to that previously forecast
8 Aug 18, 12:49pm
Keith Woodford explains how the complexities of Mycoplasma bovis eradication and compensation are causing great human stress
8 Aug 18, 9:36am
Dairy prices flat-line and questions rise over new season payout levels. Questions also mount over MPIs MPB crisis management
8 Aug 18, 5:00am
Rabobank NZ says it operates with 'completely appropriate independence' from sister bank Rabobank Australia and its Dutch parent as concerns are raised
7 Aug 18, 11:34am
Irrigation is essential if we are to build practical resilience to climate change and prevent parched lands and roaming wildfires, says Guy Trafford
3 Aug 18, 8:36am
Red meat exporters schooled in the key factors needed to succeed in China - and not risking it all there despite the lures is also a core takeaway
2 Aug 18, 2:25pm
Rabobank reports survey results from China that indicate sustainability attributes are set to play increasing role in Chinese food choices, especially for horticulture products
2 Aug 18, 12:31pm
While there may be bumps in the road at present, MFAT's key negotiator sees bright prospects for our primary products and the story they can tell. Non-tariff barriers are the greater threat, he says
1 Aug 18, 11:23am
Westland Milk Products' future up in the air as investment strategists consider merging, divesting or bringing in a cornerstone investor to the co-operative


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