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25 Aug 17, 10:02am
Mieke Welvaert of Infometrics on the Top 10 things to know about migration
1 Jul 17, 8:47am
Mieke Welvaert finds that a quarter of all 'migrant arrivals' are returning Kiwis. But from Australia, the growth in permanent arrivals aren't actually Aussies (or even Kiwis)
30 Nov 15, 6:39pm
Mieke Welvaert asks the burning questions. Have the new regulations tipped the scale? Will Auckland house prices fall? What about Auckland's neighbours? And, will the rest of the country be affected?
13 Oct 15, 12:58pm
Infometric's Mieke Welvaert unpicks the data and finds townhouses & apartments are building density in areas away from urban centers
8 Jul 15, 9:02am
Mieke Welvaert shows that while great service is always appreciated, she explains why some don't try or don't care in some areas - and get away with that attitude
18 Feb 15, 5:03am
Mieke Welvaert looks at productivity and work-life balance. Could we mimic Germans and Swedes in producing more by working less?
6 Nov 14, 5:00am
Mieke Welvaert looks at how longer, healthier life expectancies are changing the way we plan transferring wealth we may have built up
13 Aug 14, 10:26am
Mieke Welvaert shows that families who receive social assistance get little from a rise in the minimum wage, would probably lose jobs, and get pushed further towards the bottom
17 Jun 14, 9:20am
Mieke Welvaert thinks unintended consequences of the RBNZ's LVR policy could involve borrower self regulation and lender wariness of new regulatory restrictions
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