Guy Trafford

6 Feb 19, 9:16am
Guy Trafford looks behind the urban bumper-stickers to find a different, nuanced message that points the finger at urban consumer choices as the real climate change laggards
27 Nov 18, 11:06am
Suppliers do well, investors not so, raising questions about the sustainability of the co-operative model as its customers and markets change fast. Brexit update. Market reports
21 Nov 18, 8:48am
Regulators ignore claims of 'meat' and 'milk' by products that are constructed in a chemistry lab. Double-standard advertising features rural roots. Meanwhile urban voters suppress safe farming technology options
16 Nov 18, 9:19am
Online dairy sales gets some exposure from China and a glimpse of the value opportunities compared with the volume strategies of the past. MPI stubs its toe over MPB again
15 Nov 18, 10:03am
The higher dollar is resulting in lower prices except for lamb and mutton. Saleyard demand continues to underpin prices, and undermine company efforts to relay end-market signals to producers
8 Nov 18, 9:03am
Fonterra is under attack from all sides, and now from within, as it grapples with issues that date back to 2001. These restraints allow its competitors to pick away at its good bits. China holds a tariff lever over NZ policymakers
7 Nov 18, 9:06am
The push is on to adopt rules for a maximum residual level for a range of benign compounds in food products. That progress will open up new ways to control greenhouse gasses from agriculture
6 Nov 18, 8:20pm
Shareholders make choices somewhat different to the candidates put forward by the Fonterra Board, and a further election will be needed for the final position
1 Nov 18, 4:09pm
a2 Milk faces US challenges on claimed benefits, CPTPP benefits to start soon, huge new Canterbury dairy expansion
31 Oct 18, 8:43am
Guy Trafford summarises the debate around how we should deal with methane emissions, and introduces you to the global regulation of SLCPs
25 Oct 18, 10:54am
Guy Trafford assesses the mess the US dairy industry is in from the recent unintended consequences of bad trade policies. He also reviews Canterbury dairy farm sales activity
24 Oct 18, 10:34am
Guy Trafford looks at our current struggle with mycoplasma bovis and compares that with how others have tackled other major animal disease outbreaks
18 Oct 18, 8:43am
Guy Trafford reviews the latest dairy price signals and updates the mycoplasma bovis situation
17 Oct 18, 11:41am
Politicised fads don't sway EPA's science. Consumer localism fads don't support real farmers. Prices retreat for livestock although to still-healthy levels
10 Oct 18, 10:32am
Shifting from commodity production styles to meeting targeted consumer demand will require big shifts and a wider view of what the market really is, says Guy Trafford
10 Oct 18, 10:11am
Guy Trafford reviews and updates a series of changes affecting the dairy industry and how they will impact those affected
4 Oct 18, 11:01am
Dairy eyes are on the weather, especially in Australia where stress is building fast. NZ in good shape so far. Prices subject to international milk flow changes
3 Oct 18, 5:39pm
Guy Trafford updates the latest on irrigation, dog safety, sheep dairy, dryland feed, and wraps up what is happening with market prices
27 Sep 18, 9:44am
Westland Milk turnaround begins. Fonterra board elections get interesting. Canterbury sheep milk industry gets started
26 Sep 18, 9:37am
Guy Trafford looks at the implications for farmers on the changes possible from the Tax Working Group. He also updates recent market prices


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