Peter Weblin

10 Jan 18, 10:00am
High China log demand and rising export prices are putting the squeeze on supply for domestic use. Log price index reaches a new all-time high
23 Nov 17, 5:15pm
Price volatility in log market now a distant memory. Domestic demand stable. Key export markets still in basic health. Index price equals record high
19 Oct 17, 11:42am
Despite little change in prices, Indian demand is rising again, China demand stays high, and freight rates are up. The lower NZD has improved returns especially from Australia
20 Sep 17, 11:27am
Domestic lumber demand is tailing off just as export log demand is picking up, putting upward pressure on local log prices. Demand from India growing faster than expected
23 Aug 17, 4:51pm
Domestic demand is flat and supply is ample. Export prices are flat, but China log demand strong across all grade. India demand up and strong. But rising NZD impacting prices
17 Dec 16, 10:56am
Both domestic and export log markets feature positive sentiment, although prices drifted in December. Fundamentals appear to be moving to favour suppliers again
17 Nov 16, 10:16am
China uses up its log stocks at a very fast rate, setting the stage for rising demand and prices for New Zealand logs and lumber
15 Oct 16, 11:15am
Log prices firming in China and India. Domestic pruned log prices slip but demand remains strong for good quality
17 Sep 16, 9:10am
Russia emerging as a competitor to NZ logs in China. India emerges as an alternative market. Auckland demand another bright spot - until the bubble bursts
23 Aug 16, 9:29am
Lower demand from China of pruned logs sees export prices fall. Unpruned log prices stabilise. Strong domestic demand gets more pruned logs at stable prices
26 Jul 16, 10:09am
Domestic log prices suffer as export prices under pressure especially from China. Quality supplied into export markets may bite back and limit pricing offers
16 Jun 16, 2:06pm
Sentiment in the export market is turning negative, while domestically log suppliers are facing growing import challengers
24 May 16, 8:35am
Export supply tight into China and India holding up prices. Domestic demand remains strong. Returns to forest owner rising
23 Apr 16, 9:17am
The new trend to construct taller wooden commercial, high-density residential buildings of wood will grow markets for NZ Radiata pine
29 Mar 16, 11:00am
Log market continues to firm even if slowly, driven by rising China demand and strong domestic processing. Forest industry wary of export restrictions
19 Feb 16, 1:00pm
China's log inventories fall, prices rise, but only to November levels. India a new bright spot. Japan and Korea stable. Domestic demand strong
18 Dec 15, 4:31pm
Good rises in log prices expected in the first quarter of 2016, says Peter Weblin
18 Nov 15, 9:09am
The export log market has rebounded more strongly than expected, says Peter Weblin. Demand from multiple markets. China using Radiata in innovative new ways
19 Oct 15, 11:47am
October shows rising prices for export logs, says Peter Weblin, as China stocks fall quickly
21 Sep 15, 9:05am
China market troughs and is expected to pick up from here, says Peter Weblin. Domestic market expected to stay strong


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