Rodney Dickens

16 Feb 19, 10:02am
Rodney Dickens says there are still issues with new migration numbers even after some major revisions
26 Jan 19, 10:46am
Rodney Dickens thinks Statistics NZ has botched the new migration numbers. He doubts huge numbers of people gave inaccurate data in the old system, but that is what the new system implies. Prepare for large revisions
15 Dec 18, 10:09am
Rodney Dickens thinks he spots a bust about to unfold in the manuka honey market after a strong boom - caused but the usual suspect, fast rising new supply
13 Dec 18, 3:35pm
Rodney Dickens challenges Barfoot's optimistic judgment saying the Auckland market is weaker than average, and that the demand-supply balance doesn't justify much if any upside in prices
2 Dec 18, 12:42pm
Rodney Dickens finds the council-controlled subdivision process, the RMA and increasing infrastructure costs directly contribute to high section prices, and these processes give cover for gouging by developers
17 Nov 18, 2:43pm
Rodney Dickens says the real problem inhibiting affordable housing is the cost of sections, and that is the one key thing the Government can do to solve the affordability problem
17 Oct 18, 10:25am
Rodney Dickens says warning bells are starting to ring over the level of new tourism and hotel building. The risk is for a substantial overshoot
28 Sep 18, 8:25am
Rodney Dickens doesn't like the RBNZ policy settings, arguing they will lead to disaster. But he does see an opportunity for borrowers
28 Aug 18, 7:16am
Rodney Dickens criticises Auckland Council's economists, claiming their desire for higher density housing near rapid transport routes taints their analysis
5 Aug 18, 7:33am
Rodney Dickens says be wary of MBIE's National Construction Pipeline reports, especially their estimates of future residential construction
5 Jul 18, 5:00am
Rodney Dickens checks how reliable economic forecasters' employment growth predictions are and how useful the leading indicators of employment are
3 Jun 18, 9:40am
Rodney Dickens says higher construction demand will soon attract building capacity, so KiwiBuild's demands will be responded to by industry without starving other sectors for long
4 May 18, 12:25pm
Rodney Dickens doubts landlords' costs drive rents, suggesting it's more likely income growth does. But he finds there is confusion in the data with the biggest threat from inflation
11 Mar 18, 5:02am
Rodney Dickens says section prices are the key to solving the housing affordability problem, not higher density around transport hubs. He warns against force-feeding in areas that won't deliver the intended outcome
17 Jan 18, 2:49pm
Rodney Dickens says the business confidence surveys have major political bias, and he checks how accurately these surveys signal growth trends
31 Oct 17, 5:02am
Rodney Dickens sees a risk that a cut to permanent migration will weigh on the tourism sector as visitors shy away from New Zealand - for reasons that are by no means clear
3 Oct 17, 10:50am
Rodney Dickens looks at what drives global inflation, what drives New Zealand inflation, and is sceptical about how these forces will in turn influence our OCR
31 Aug 17, 10:40am
Rodney Dickens says there won't be a major catch-up phase for residential building unless something significant is done to improve new housing affordability
3 Aug 17, 2:01pm
Rodney Dickens says the effective OCR is well over double the 1.75% actual rate, and SMEs are paying that price for their working capital financing
12 Jul 17, 11:44am
Rodney Dickens questions the threat technology poses to employment, noting that the new jobs that inevitably come are harder to see now than the ones that will be lost


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