18 Dec 18, 9:46am
KPMG's James Dowle says if Open Banking is to take off, more needs to be done to quell fears from customers about data security, while banks and other providers need to really demonstrate the true value and benefits
17 Oct 18, 3:30pm
Treasury head Gabriel Maklouf says providing the new Government with advice on complex issues 'had an impact on the quality of what we could deliver' and also had an impact on the wellbeing of Treasury staff
8 Oct 18, 4:20pm
Max Rashbrooke for The Spinoff attempts, as the Labour-led government approaches its first birthday, to divine whether there is a coherent ideological direction
6 Sep 18, 3:41pm
Latest figures show sharp rise in the number of under-25s in this country declaring bankruptcy
14 Jun 18, 1:34pm
Chairman says bank bosses to be called before Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee as FMA & RBNZ probe into sector continues
4 May 18, 9:27am
Patrick Watson says free markets don't work well unless certain people lose - otherwise the entire system fails and everyone loses; which is happening right now
17 Apr 18, 11:28am
Recently released documents show why officials had "serious concerns" about the state of HNA, as they blocked the $660 million sale of UDC to the Chinese global conglomerate
19 Feb 18, 11:35am
Housing Minister Phil Twyford says he's planning a workshopping event for representatives of the finance community and players in the development and construction sector to help crack NZ’s problems around infrastructure financing
7 Feb 18, 10:03am
General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements, the central banks' bank, says authorities must be 'prepared to act against the invasive spread of cryptocurrencies'
11 Dec 17, 8:15am
Finance Minister details 'five point plan' for urban growth; will look at alternatives for Auckland's East-West link, but not interested in building 'the most expensive road in the world'
1 Dec 17, 8:31am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson assures business community more of the numbers behind the Government's policies will be released on December 14 
3 Oct 17, 8:23am
KPMG report indicates bank funding costs are starting to track up slightly after a two-year downward trend; Shows loan growth slowing and loan quality improving
9 Aug 17, 10:55am
Vista’s global opportunity
12 Jul 17, 9:27am
KPMG report shows the banking sector's interest expense relative to average interest bearing liabilities has contracted to an all-time low
19 Dec 16, 10:50am
NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says Steven Joyce's reputation for firm control over his Ministry may do some good in his new role as Finance Minister
15 Dec 16, 3:58pm
The Bankers Association has strongly disagreed with MBIE's proposed fix for a contentious rule that leaves banks open to substantial repayments to borrowers in certain circumstances
28 Nov 16, 2:03pm
ANZ in this country is not commenting on seemingly informed speculation its finance arm is about to be sold to Chinese conglomerate HNA Group
3 Nov 16, 4:04pm
The Government's responding to banking industry lobbying and is mulling changes to recently enacted credit contracts rules
16 Apr 16, 6:02am
Facing 2 illnesses, the global economy needs a sophisticated course of treatment rather than a box of painkillers every week, Bundesbank board member argues
20 Mar 16, 5:02am
The big four banks may have chosen to protect their margins at the expense of borrowers, but Bernard Hickey asks if that is such a bad thing in the short term


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