24 Mar 19, 12:20pm
Rodney Dickens explores why our productivity growth is falling, with a special look at migration flows and the new bank capital requirements
9 Mar 19, 10:02am
The Productivity Commission's Tim Maddock and Terry Genet analyse NZ's labour market ahead of an inquiry into technological disruption and the future of work
25 Feb 19, 2:30pm
Amid ongoing debate about immigration, is it time New Zealanders took the debate broader and settled on a population policy?
1 Feb 19, 8:00am
Westpac's Simon Power explains why the bank is extending the Living Wage to key contractors, challenges other big businesses to consider paying the Living Wage
31 Jan 19, 10:08am
Jim Bolger chaired group details a proposed fair pay agreements system in report to Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway
18 Jan 19, 12:59pm
Andrew Coleman probes whether New Zealand’s productivity performance has been adversely affected by the way capital income is taxed
23 Dec 18, 7:02am
The 2018 Interesties featuring Adrian Orr, Jacinda Ardern, Nouriel Roubini, Donald Trump, Winston Peters, Simon Bridges, Co-op Money, Bitcoin, @TranslateRealDT, Boatman, KiwiBuild & more
7 Dec 18, 10:08am
Paul Barber from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services on hope, poverty, family violence, fixing a broken welfare system, reducing inequality through tax reform, virtual mechanics, what great people social workers are and more
21 Oct 18, 7:41am
Unlike the worsening average OECD situation, New Zealand is making small progress with child poverty. But it's not enough by miles. We need to rid ourselves of vanity projects and focus on this core, urgent problem
4 Oct 18, 1:27pm
In the first of a two part series Murray Grimwood, aka commentator Power Down Kiwi, outlines how important energy is to everything we do & its limitations
2 Oct 18, 9:23am
John Mauldin says the Trump tariffs could end the conditions that justified them. Something similar happened before, during the most famous trade mistake in US and global history: the 1930s Smoot-Hawley tariffs
25 Sep 18, 7:45am
John Mauldin says it will take a long time to see how the US-China trade confrontation shakes out, and meantime we’ll see both sides alternately throwing and absorbing punches and the winner could even be a third party that may not exist yet
24 Sep 18, 7:32am
The NZ Initiative's Bryce Wilkinson says the electorate, not just politicians, must accept blame for irresponsible government spending
17 Sep 18, 9:30am
John Mauldin relates some short stories about positive events in China, which demonstrate that China has good news, and even some fabulously great news, much of it quite compelling
12 Sep 18, 10:21am
Bankers' Association Acting CEO Antony Buick-Constable rejects suggestions banks are not playing their part in the construction sector and says bank lending to the sector is at its highest since the GFC
10 Sep 18, 9:18am
John Mauldin delves deep into China and concludes that if it’s possible for a centrally planned economy to achieve sustainable long-term growth, China will be the one to do it
16 Aug 18, 3:48pm
New data reveals construction sector bosses are pessimistic about the future, but Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford says he has an ‘action plan’
14 Aug 18, 2:30pm
Kerry McDonald details why he believes New Zealand must hold a Royal Commission into the policy failures of successive governments since the Millennium
14 Aug 18, 5:00am
Simon Bridges on how he would take up John Key's challenge to identify new economic drivers to replace strong migration and house price growth if he was in government
9 Aug 18, 10:50am
ANZ Chief Economist Sharon Zollner looks at the detail of the country's slumping business confidence and what this might mean for the economy


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