Election 2014 - Party Policies - Roads

Election 2014 - Party Policies - Roads


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  • ACT supports reducing the regulatory restrictions on road building, particularly by way of RMA reform.
  • ACT believes that road user charges should be implemented so that roads are used more efficiently, so that more direct price signals are provided for the building of additional roads, and so to provide revenue for public private partnerships. (more here)


  • Increase the quality and safety of existing roads through increased road maintenance and safety promotion.
  • Support public ownership and financing of all new infrastructure.
  • Provide better rest area facilities and road signs, in areas where fatigue is found to be a major cause of accidents.
  • Review whether compulsory purchase powers under the Public Works Act are still appropriate for ports, airports and roading authorities.
  • Ensure legislation and planning recognise that streets are public spaces that affect the way people live, work, play and learn, rather than simply vehicle corridors. (more here)

  • Significantly increase the funding ranges for new local roads, local road maintenance, and regional improvements.
  • Review the Funding Assistance Ratio to make it fairer and more efficient, providing relief for local government and reflecting the national benefit of local roads.
  • Invest in forestry roads to extend the network and make them safer.
  • Prioritise highway investments that stack up economically and environmentally.
  • Review RoNS projects that are under construction, and look to modify negative impacts. Where construction is not underway, we will consider affordable, safe and environmentally friendly alternatives. (more here)

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  • Keep building the Roads of National Significance to address capacity constraints on our roading network and encourage economic growth.
  • Kick-start the Accelerated Regional Roading Package with a $212 million investment in a suite of important regional roading projects.
  • Accelerate important State Highway projects in Auckland to reduce congestion, capitalise on the Western Wing Route, and improve connections to the airport. (more here)

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  • Increase the Financial Assistance Rate (FAR) that is paid by central government to local authorities for the construction and maintenance of local roads up to 80% of their total costs.
  • Complete the Roads of National Significance programme, across New Zealand (including the construction of the Transmission Gully highway).
  • Improve traffic flow and road safety by road straightening along State Highway 1.
  • Improve the school bus system to assist decongesting roads in the major cities. (more here)

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