Gerry Brownlee

16 Aug 18, 10:08am
The Leader of the Opposition and the Speaker of the House have agreed an investigation into the leaking of Simon Bridges travel expenses is warranted
5 Aug 18, 7:22am
After a relatively controversy-free six weeks as Acting PM, Winston Peters’ disgraceful comments in the House on Wednesday have marred his short tenure, Jason Walls argues
27 May 18, 7:23am
For the 1st time in his tenure as Speaker Trevor Mallard kicked an MP out of the House. Jason Walls asks if all the theatre & spectacle to make a point was worth it for the Nats
23 May 18, 8:27pm
In an eventful day National’s deputy leader Paula Bennett stormed out of parliament & Gerry Brownlee attacked speaker Trevor Mallard in a letter and a press conference questioning his ‘neutrality’ 
25 Apr 18, 7:24am
The greater the grillings Gerry Brownlee and Sid Miller receive for EQC’s re-repairs cost blowout, the more evident the lack of scrutiny of former AMI directors becomes
5 Apr 18, 5:40pm
Gerry Brownlee speaks out on EQC: “I just think people aren’t seeing the wood for the trees here. And in this case the wood - Megan - is making a whole lot of mischief"
20 Mar 18, 11:33am
The Government commits to increasing EQC cover for buildings, extending the timeframe claims can be made within and enabling more data sharing
12 Mar 18, 6:41am
National's new leader Simon Bridges has placed Judith Collins in his top 5 and given her the shadow housing portfolio, a role he says she asked for
11 Sep 17, 11:31am
Insurance lawyer takes aim at Insurance Council for shooting down Labour's proposal to form a Canterbury quake tribunal
25 Jul 17, 1:12pm
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says NZ at or near top of free trade negotiation list; Says no one can be worse off when asked about stance of Welsh sheep farmers; Also on NZers' access to UK, Brexit & Tory leadership
26 Jun 17, 3:27pm
EQC Act reform to see private insurers receive claims on behalf of EQC; Private insurers urge Government to go all the way and let them assess and settle claims too
27 May 17, 9:45am
Election 2017 - Party Policies - Foreign Affairs
25 May 17, 3:28pm
EQC levy to be bumped up 33%; Hike for insured homeowners comes further to 39% fire service levy increase; Decision on EQC Act Review on the way 
18 Feb 17, 7:30am
Cameron Preston crunches the numbers to explore whether it is Tower or NZ's insurance system that is 'broken'
13 Feb 17, 12:19pm
Tower Chairman says the company would have a higher sale price if the EQC system wasn't 'broken'; Government says the law has nothing to do with the risk the insurer takes on
13 Dec 16, 2:40pm
Agreement reached to see private insurers receive, assess and settle Kaikoura quake claims on behalf of EQC
29 Nov 16, 9:51am
Tower announces plan to ring fence troublesome quake claims; says industry model is 'broken'; widens loss to $21.5 million; share price at record low
15 Nov 16, 1:06pm
Key says main road and rail route from Picton to Christchurch may need realignment or re-routing in long term at huge cost; English highlights damage to main transport links and says Govt finances can handle repair costs
14 Nov 16, 6:31am
7.5 earthquake near Hanmer at 12.02 am damages Kaikoura; felt strongly in Wellington; reports of damage in Wellington buildings; Tsunami warning downgraded
30 Sep 16, 11:02am
Gabriel Makhlouf 'relaxed' about Ministers disregarding Treasury's advice to make 'political decisions'; Sees the Government as 'very attuned' to Treasury


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