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John Brosnan explains what Mondayising means for paying employees on the farm, and has some helpful guidance

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John Brosnan explains what Mondayising means for paying employees on the farm, and has some helpful guidance

By John Brosnan*

You’ve probably seen this advertised.

You might remember the law was changed in 2013 to allow Anzac day and Waitangi day to be moved to a Monday if they fall on a weekend.

This year’s Anzac day will be the first affected – but what does Mondayising really mean for you as a rural employer?

In reality for most farm staff – not much.

Why? Well here’s what the law states re this ...

If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday and that day would not otherwise be a working day for the employee, the holiday is transferred to the following Monday or Tuesday so that the employee still gets a paid day off if the employee would usually work on these days.

You only get a statutory day once.

On a farm, if Saturday is a day you usually work on, then Saturday is Anzac Day, as it falls whether you still work on it or have the day off.

For those people who do not usually work Saturday their Anzac holiday is moved to Monday.

What should you watch out for? 

If the employee has their usual scheduled weekend off the Saturday would not be a normal working day therefore that employee will need to be Mondayised so that the employee receives the benefit of that statutory day. Note this refers to their regular weekend off and not being on annual leave in which case they would get the statutory day off and use one less day of annual leave for their break.

If any employee works on Anzac Day (even for a short time) please remember that you need to keep an accurate record of how long each employee actually works that day as they are entitled to be paid at time and a half in addition to a day in lieu (so long as the Saturday was a day that they would usually work).

Of course the growing use of Time-Sheets will help make this easier to keep track of.

Sound simple?


John Brosnan is a business development advider at CooperAitken Ltd, accountants in Morrinsville and Matamata. You can contact him here

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ANZAC day. Lots of interesting displays around the country.

We have some older folk on this site....

One thing I've been caning people with today, especially those who go to these glamour events.

"Lest we Forget".
Just what is it you weren't supposed to forget?

Only had one close answer so far, and that was from a chap in his 60s.

Why is ANZAC historically a "day of national shame"?


All this does is cost business owners more.....Yay.
I have two staff. Usually on stat days I give one the day off, so I only have to pay one time-and-half and day in lieu.
So, this weekend, I have one guy on days off Sat/Sun, and then the next guy off Mon/Tues.
This now means that I have to pay both of them for the Stat day doesnt it??