Rural news

7 Dec 18, 9:58am
Rabobank survey shows farmer confidence falling for the third straight quarter pushing the net rural confidence reading further into negative territory, now with more of the country’s farmers pessimistic than optimistic
6 Dec 18, 10:14am
Guy Trafford reviews the latest auction and milk payout changes, Westland's restructure update, M bovis eradication costs
6 Dec 18, 9:01am
Fonterra cuts farmgate milk price forecast range to $6.00-$6.30 per kgMS from $6.25-$6.50, forced down by rising international milk supply. Dividend indications unchanged
5 Dec 18, 4:38pm
Guy Trafford reviews the latest changes in the national sheep flock in the face of peak dairy. Warren Parker get the Landcorp gig
5 Dec 18, 3:58pm
With a good balance sheet, Alliance is repositioning itself to capture better margins from its $1.6 bln in revenue, a goal that wasn't achieved in its last year's results. Its promise is in the future
5 Dec 18, 2:23pm
Westpac economists are the latest to trim their milk price forecast for this season - down to $6.10 from $6.25
3 Dec 18, 3:01pm
BNZ economists are the latest to lower their milk price forecast for the current season - to $6, which is below Fonterra's forecast range of $6.25 to $6.50
29 Nov 18, 10:36am
Guy Trafford reviews the latest claims on Canterbury water quality by Fish & Game and finds misrepresented sources, misquoted facts, and no transparency around samples selected. Fish & Game respond
27 Nov 18, 11:06am
Suppliers do well, investors not so, raising questions about the sustainability of the co-operative model as its customers and markets change fast. Brexit update. Market reports
26 Nov 18, 9:03am
Keith Woodford discusses why understanding Russia can be important to our New Zealand agrifood industries
22 Nov 18, 9:43am
Guy Trafford reviews the challenges the dairy industry faces, noting a2 Milk successes stand out even as production rises and prices fall for most others
21 Nov 18, 11:20am
ASB economists trim farm gate milk price forecast for the second time in a month; now see price of $6, which is below the current Fonterra forecast
21 Nov 18, 10:16am
REINZ says a lot of farms came on to the market in the past month and the success or otherwise of marketing these will reflect the resilience - or otherwise - of the market; there's life in lifestyle block sales
21 Nov 18, 8:48am
Regulators ignore claims of 'meat' and 'milk' by products that are constructed in a chemistry lab. Double-standard advertising features rural roots. Meanwhile urban voters suppress safe farming technology options
21 Nov 18, 8:47am
Allan Barber says the inescapable conclusion is that it is the ownership structure, not board composition, inhibiting Fonterra from reaching its true potential
20 Nov 18, 8:33am
Keith Woodford discusses A1 and A2 milk in Russia, and some broader issues of Russian life
19 Nov 18, 8:48am
New marketing initiatives extend opportunities in a mature market, even as demand grows in other regions. Venison tries to go up-market with new and less expensive cuts
16 Nov 18, 11:49am
Rabobank sees solid returns in red meat sector in 2019 with sheepmeat leading the way. The trade wars may improve our competitiveness, but other risks need to be watched and responded to
16 Nov 18, 9:19am
Online dairy sales gets some exposure from China and a glimpse of the value opportunities compared with the volume strategies of the past. MPI stubs its toe over MPB again
15 Nov 18, 10:18am
Keith Woodford describes how MPI continues to depict the Mycoplasma bovis story in support of their preferred narrative


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