Rural news

17 Oct 18, 11:41am
Politicised fads don't sway EPA's science. Consumer localism fads don't support real farmers. Prices retreat for livestock although to still-healthy levels
15 Oct 18, 10:37am
Keith Woodford discusses Mycoplasma bovis compensation and the uncertainties of eradication as MPI manages the information flow
10 Oct 18, 10:32am
Shifting from commodity production styles to meeting targeted consumer demand will require big shifts and a wider view of what the market really is, says Guy Trafford
10 Oct 18, 10:11am
Guy Trafford reviews and updates a series of changes affecting the dairy industry and how they will impact those affected
10 Oct 18, 8:57am
Fonterra says it's now forecasting a milk price for farmers this season of between $6.25 and $6.50 per kilogram of milk solids, down from its previous forecast of $6.75
9 Oct 18, 4:53pm
With new rules and restrictions coming for red meat farmers, producers have little choice but to 'invest' in the hope consumers will start paying extra for sustainability - something they haven't shown they will do so far
9 Oct 18, 10:16am
Export log prices rise with gains boosted by falling Kiwi dollar. But sawn timber demand isn't following yet. China paying more for logs. India still difficult despite opportunity
8 Oct 18, 9:41am
RMA changes, new ways of allocating discharge and water use rights, a Freshwater Standard - all part of Govt's plan to see cleaner waterways in five years
8 Oct 18, 8:21am
Keith Woodford explains why all options for Fonterra’s China Farms are unattractive
4 Oct 18, 11:01am
Dairy eyes are on the weather, especially in Australia where stress is building fast. NZ in good shape so far. Prices subject to international milk flow changes
4 Oct 18, 10:58am
Rabobank trims its dairy payout forecast even though world supply growth will only be modest because the fast rising US dollar and potential trade war consequences will limit what export customers can afford to pay
3 Oct 18, 5:39pm
Guy Trafford updates the latest on irrigation, dog safety, sheep dairy, dryland feed, and wraps up what is happening with market prices
3 Oct 18, 4:40pm
Economists say milk production levels this season will be crucial, with the strong start already putting pressure on prices
1 Oct 18, 9:31am
Keith Woodford describes how Fonterra entrapped itself into factory farming in China
28 Sep 18, 11:47am
Allan Barber reviews how sheep and beef farmers can meet their industry environmental targets, through individual and group actions, responsive to key data
27 Sep 18, 4:16pm
BNZ senior economist Doug Steel sees Fonterra's $6.75 milk price forecast as difficult to achieve without an improvement in international product prices
27 Sep 18, 4:08pm
Wobbly dairy prospects hit overall farm confidence, and investment intentions slip. But some sectors remain positive, and many farmers see their own situation better than others
27 Sep 18, 9:44am
Westland Milk turnaround begins. Fonterra board elections get interesting. Canterbury sheep milk industry gets started
26 Sep 18, 9:37am
Guy Trafford looks at the implications for farmers on the changes possible from the Tax Working Group. He also updates recent market prices
24 Sep 18, 11:19am
Keith Woodford explains why lack of retained earnings combined with flawed investment strategies is at the heart of both the Fonterra and Westland Dairy capital constraints


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