Aussie parents of NZ's big four banks facing hits to everything from net interest margins to loan impairments as a result of economic downturn stemming from coronavirus

Aussie parents of NZ's big four banks facing hits to everything from net interest margins to loan impairments as a result of economic downturn stemming from coronavirus
Image sourced from Pixabay.

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Good thing they've squirreled away billions of dollars of retained earnings. Should SHTF, the banks won't need to go cap in hand to the government for assistance.

Oh but just watch them do exactly that.

Don't forget just this week the banks have been encouraged to keep lending,even to those in a bit of strife,by our Minister of Finance,so they will go to him cap in hand should the need arise.

From memory, under the RBNZ stress tests, the capital ratios of the NZ banks remain adequate under a 30% fall in property prices.

Great to know the banks will be bolstered by increased Tier 1 capital as per RBNZs requirements. Oh wait, isn't that going to take 7 years to phase in. 7 years ! We're not going to last 7 months before we have a banking crisis!

Yip, that's after hard push by the such of ANZ & OZ buddy lobbying, initially it's for 5 yrs. But you are right let alone 5, 7 yrs or whatever it is. How much time do we have? how much reserve strength do we need? - But don't worry fat pat.. the OBR even already been thought about on this kind of worst scenario - When profit to be made, the banks laughs all the way, when individuals/groups enjoy the profit (usually all elite ruling involves there say with their RE portfolios), they also laughs.. but when the S*** hit the fan? - it will be all tax payers to carry the burden. This pattern is getting more obvious worldwide. C'mon how many of this property crazy rich ponzi scheme person in this country? on this web site?, willing to admit that they're rich when visited their doctors, Please, don't subsidies my prescription. No one, they all want the same subsidised treatment right? - .. but for how long?.. this mechanism will be sustained with the same method.

Kinda or ironic side by side on interest, one said.. the property will forever rocketing up, the other about possibility of Banks cash flow issue. My take on this? - The RBNZ have to be more active than OZ or US.. ie. by cutting it to 50 or 75 or even 100 basis points, to give shock & awe to the stimulus (I knew being sarcastic here, as apparently the current worldwide herd mentality is like that).. it will stimulate the stagnant economic goods movement that 'has been curbed' by the ban. OR? the Banks will finally been nudged their social consciousness... to absorb of such magnitude losses, after all they've always taken a profit year in/out right? never loss, only downgraded projections of profit.. Never loss, but will they do that? or? ...may be they just have to pass it on to the consumers.

haw haw .... the bank always wins ....our ilk take the juicy profits from the working classes and landlords in the form of mortgages ....from the government in their "corporate welfare" of WFF and the Accommodation Supplement to help pay those mortgages .... and if it all turns to custard, we will just get the taxpayer to bail us out simple and effective ol' one must be kept in the lifestyle, as to one is accustomed, at all COSTS ...haw haw

Just remind me , whats the limit of the deposit gaurantee still in place right now with each Bank ?