TSB Bank

6 Dec 17, 11:10am
Strong lending growth continues at SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank & TSB but net interest margins fall
2 Dec 17, 6:26am
FMA statistics show the fledgling NZ P2P lending sector is serving banks and fund managers well, but more needs to be done for retail investors and SMEs, Gareth Vaughan argues
30 Nov 17, 8:24am
A 325% debt-to-disposable income ratio, loans to prop up dairy farms, NZ's net external liability position at its lowest level since the 1980s, 50% housing loan growth in just 2 years & more
8 Nov 17, 1:12pm
CEO and managing director Kevin Murphy to retire from TSB in January, search for replacement underway
2 Nov 17, 3:07pm
New Zealand's smaller banks make a case to the RBNZ for a level capital playing field with the big four
3 Oct 17, 8:37am
TSB's updating its brand for the first time in over 25 years and will be rolling out the new logos over the next year - and losing the 'bank' in its title
8 Sep 17, 4:24pm
Strong lending growth continues at three NZ owned banks but profit takes a hit at two of them
5 Aug 17, 8:50am
Some banks find they can sharpen their fixed home loan offers, especially for longer terms, as wholesale rates stop rising
3 Aug 17, 10:39am
TSB Community Trust is taking control of Fisher Funds and bringing in a new minority shareholder
3 Jul 17, 1:20pm
Wholesale interest rates are rising, especially at the long end. We look at what retail term deposit investors are being offered and who has the higher rate enticements
30 Jun 17, 5:22pm
Two key home loan lenders change rates, one hiking its one year rate, the other cutting its one year rate. Background wholesale rates rise
23 Jun 17, 3:42pm
Total combined assets of SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank and TSB Bank push past $13 billion as strong residential mortgage lending growth continues
19 Jun 17, 8:49am
TSB Bank targets its firepower at the heart of the fixed rate market with a competitive offer at a time most banks are sitting back with rates at least 25 bps higher
15 Jun 17, 6:47pm
The Red Bank raises all its floating mortgage rates to the highest in the market, even as wholesale rates slip. They offer an 8 month TD 'special' as a salve
12 Jun 17, 12:46pm
A key challenger bank hikes its floating rates in an out-of-cycle rise that includes their overdraft rates, ending the rate advantages it had with these types of lending
9 Jun 17, 10:24am
TSB Bank says it has lent $50 mln in unsecured consumer lending through P2P lender Harmoney
8 Jun 17, 11:58am
Banks are competing harder for term deposit funding, even as wholesale interest rates start slipping lower. Who is offering market-leading rates keeps on changing
1 Jun 17, 9:47am
The RBNZ notes small banks have doubled their share of new mortgage commitments since 2014, and that rapid lending growth carries risk
28 Apr 17, 5:02pm
Latest KPMG quarterly FIPS highlights lower bank funding costs, rising returns on equity, margin pressure, profit growth and slower lending growth
24 Apr 17, 9:43am
NZ-owned banks again rate top for satisfaction in Consumer banking survey


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