David Parker

19 Feb 19, 2:45pm
Trade Minister mulls invite to Belt and Road conference in China, while former PM lauds the initiative as 'one of the greatest ideas we’ve ever heard globally'
8 Nov 18, 4:49pm
The first steps in the Government's plans to reform the RMA will be to reverse some of the reforms introduced by National last year
31 Oct 18, 11:55am
Threshold met for first round of CPTPP tariff cuts to come into effect on December 30; Kiwifruit, beef and wine producers to benefit the most
25 Oct 18, 12:24pm
New Zealand joins Japan, Mexico and Singapore in ratifying the CPTPP with Australia and Canada expected to follow soon bringing the trade deal into effect
19 Oct 18, 10:00am
Former Green MP and responsible investment advocate Barry Coates on the top 10 ways climate change and sustainability are changing our economic outlook
8 Oct 18, 9:41am
RMA changes, new ways of allocating discharge and water use rights, a Freshwater Standard - all part of Govt's plan to see cleaner waterways in five years
16 Aug 18, 2:35pm
UK Investment Minister says British infrastructure firms will 'literally help build NZ's future' with preparations for NZ/UK FTA negotiations underway
15 Aug 18, 6:25pm
The controversial Overseas Investment Amendment Bill has passed its third reading with 65 votes for and 57 against and will become law in a matter of weeks
13 Aug 18, 12:10pm
The Overseas Investment Amendment Bill was one of the first bills the Government said it would implement and this week it will likely become law
8 Aug 18, 4:15pm
Trade Minister David Parker and Minister of Finance Grant Robertson have both expressed concerns over yet another round of US tariffs on China
11 Jul 18, 2:35pm
It has been three months since the Prime Minister wrote to US President Donald Trump asking for an exemption to new tariffs – so why has there been so little development?
3 Jul 18, 12:00pm
NZIER business confidence numbers show firms' optimism at its lowest level in seven years
21 Jun 18, 2:10pm
EU and NZ officials officially kick off negotiations for an FTA that is expected to boost goods trading by 50%
21 Jun 18, 8:19am
David Hargreaves says Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Committee appears to have done a good job 'fixing' Labour's foreign buyer ban but reckons we don't need a repeat of such hastily drawn up legislation
8 Jun 18, 12:29pm
Associate Finance Minister David Parker says the price of New Zealand homes should be set by buyers in this country, not those from overseas
14 May 18, 5:02pm
Ardern and Parker avoid US-China crossfire while talking trade; Commit to consulting with public on what should and shouldn't be in free trade agreements
8 May 18, 12:40pm
Judith Collins, the Opposition’s RMA reform spokeswoman, wants the Government to consult with National before pushing ahead with any changes
7 May 18, 12:01pm
Environment Minister David Parker says RMA reforms are on the way, including the way environment policy is regulated
7 May 18, 9:35am
The hits the new Government keeps making on farming have the look of scaremongering, ignoring the vast amount of long-term remediation already underway
7 Apr 18, 9:39am
What started out as a “strong case” soon became a “50/50” chance and now the Trade Minister is saying he is “disappointed” NZ has not yet received an exemption from Trump’s steel and aluminium tariffs


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