Budget 2015

18 May 18, 10:40am
Budget 2018 - Education
17 May 18, 3:13pm
Budget 2018 - Summary of all spending plans
26 May 17, 4:08pm
Budget 2017 - Education
25 May 17, 2:53pm
Budget 2017 - Summary of all spending plans
1 Jun 16, 4:19pm
Budget 2016 - Financing, Transfers, Customs, IRD
30 May 16, 4:16pm
Budget 2016 - Education
26 May 16, 3:02pm
Budget 2016 - Summary of all spending plans
26 May 16, 2:14pm
Elizabeth Kerr looks deep inside Budget 2016 to find...not much. There's big new taxes for smokers, but nothing for wage earners. IRD's computer builders are winners, but there's not much for housing
26 May 16, 2:03pm
Govt sees NZ$0.7 bln OBEGAL surplus in 2016/17; rises to NZ$6.7 bln by 2019/20; NZDMO to borrow NZ$2bln less this year and repay NZ$9.2 bln of debt by 2020; NZSF contributions to restart 2 yrs earlier in 2020/21
10 May 16, 10:05am
Treasury reports NZ$167 mln OBEGAL surplus for 9 mths to end of March; NZ$334 mln better than forecast; Core Crown tax revenue NZ$702 million better than forecast on stronger economy
8 Apr 16, 10:28am
Treasury reports NZ$398 mln surplus in eight months to Feb; NZ$730 mln better than expected and NZ$667 mln better than last year; GST, corporate tax and PAYE higher than forecast; spending in line with forecasts
4 Mar 16, 10:22am
Treasury reports budget surplus for 7 mths to Jan of $934 million, which is $724 mln more than forecast
19 Feb 16, 10:36am
Treasury reports Budget Deficit of NZ$889 mln in six months to December; NZ$92 mln more than expected; lower interest rates a factor; cash deficit also higher than expected; low inflation taking its toll
26 Jan 16, 10:00am
Treasury reports budget deficit for five months to November of NZ$1.64 bln; deficit NZ$383 mln worse than expected after corporate tax disappoints and interest earnings less than expected
15 Dec 15, 1:07pm
Budget forecast to dip back into deficit in 2015/16; Govt increases capital spending by NZ$1 bln; English drops hard surplus target & more
10 Dec 15, 12:59pm
RBNZ Governor suggests Government could help boost productive capacity of economy, lift economic activity and inflation pressures by spending more on infrastructure in Auckland
8 Dec 15, 10:00am
Treasury reports Budget deficit before gains and losses in four months to Oct of NZ$478 mln, which was NZ$687 mln better than expected due to better corporate taxes and ACC results
3 Dec 15, 2:44pm
Grant Robertson accuses Govt of pressuring EQC to lower its price tag on remaining quake claims to help reach Budget surplus; Bill English and EQC deny cooking the books
6 Nov 15, 10:08am
Treasury reports OBEGAL deficit of $545 mln in first quarter of financial year; better than $798 mln forecast in May; Income taxes bit better than forecast; GST lower than forecast
26 Aug 15, 4:01pm
IRD estimates Govt's trumpeted new tax on properties sold within two years will raise just $5 million a year in extra revenue


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