14 Feb 19, 5:00am
KPMG warns banks of threats to their lucrative credit card business from rivals and regulators if they don't get on the front foot and assist struggling borrowers
13 Feb 19, 4:16pm
FMA plans more work on KiwiSaver fees, says eye will be on the conduct of default providers ahead of the next round of default appointments
13 Feb 19, 9:36am
New Zealand banks are making hay while the sun shines but KPMG argues they're heading into some of their most challenging times ever
13 Feb 19, 7:53am
KPMG sees 2019 as a key year for house prices following the restrictions placed on overseas buyers late last year and with the current woes in the Australian market
17 Dec 18, 6:00pm
KPMG's annual FIPS for the non-banking sector reports that a number of participants in its survey have noted 'quite an impact' from the new lay-buy schemes; questions over non-regulation of such schemes
10 Nov 18, 10:02am
Gareth Vaughan argues credit cards should be the first target for our regulators if they're serious about making banks protect or enhance customer interests & outcomes
19 Sep 18, 9:27am
KPMG's June quarter FIPS shows banks' lifted profit by almost 15%, loan provisions steady at higher levels
3 Aug 18, 12:42pm
New Zealand's big four banks don't appear to be following in their Aussie parents' footsteps when it comes to ATMs
13 Jun 18, 11:06am
Finance company Avanti completes first issue of residential mortgage backed securities
23 May 18, 1:40pm
Macquarie analysts suggest Australasia's under fire major banks could save hundreds of millions of dollars by slashing branch numbers by 40%
27 Mar 18, 7:59am
Gareth Vaughan takes a look at the interest rate environment for borrowers after receiving a surprise offer from his bank
15 Feb 18, 5:02am
RBNZ plans public awareness and education campaign to promote its bank financial strength Dashboard initiative
14 Feb 18, 10:47am
Fifteen key findings from KPMG's FIPS show NZ's banking sector in rude financial health, albeit past due assets have increased for the first time in eight years
14 Dec 17, 12:52pm
KPMG's annual survey of non-bank financial institutions shows a declining availability of cheap funding as one lender delivers a net interest margin as high as 22.67%
17 Oct 17, 10:30am
More than 100 jobs on the line as BNZ restructures its branch network, First Union says. Bank says 'change proposals' are being discussed
3 Oct 17, 8:23am
KPMG report indicates bank funding costs are starting to track up slightly after a two-year downward trend; Shows loan growth slowing and loan quality improving
12 Jul 17, 9:27am
KPMG report shows the banking sector's interest expense relative to average interest bearing liabilities has contracted to an all-time low
31 May 17, 12:19pm
RBNZ gives clearest signals yet how and where it could pitch a debt-to-income ratio restricting tool for mortgage borrowers, and which type of borrowers would be targeted
28 Apr 17, 5:02pm
Latest KPMG quarterly FIPS highlights lower bank funding costs, rising returns on equity, margin pressure, profit growth and slower lending growth
24 Feb 17, 10:13am
IMF shines spotlight on RBNZ's heavy emphasis on banks' self discipline and directors' attestation regime


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