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21 Oct 17, 10:54am
Just as HSBC ends its 3.87% one year 'special, TSB offers a market-leading new 4.79% three year fixed mortgage rate, significantly lower than all its rivals
13 Oct 17, 8:58am
Westpac launches 4.94% three year fixed home loan rate, lower than all its main rivals, nearly as low as HSBC's three-year 'Premier' rate
11 Oct 17, 10:19am
ANZ customers have the highest average loan to income ratio among Australia's banks, Morgan Stanley reveals
3 Oct 17, 6:05am
ASB targets a low 4.39% one year rate opening up a significant advantage over its main rivals. Kiwibank avoids rate changes, offers a free Samoa holiday with every qualifying loan
2 Oct 17, 7:26am
A new sub-4% mortgage rate is launched to fire up a flagging Spring selling season. This hot new rate comes just as wholesale rates start to move up again
29 Sep 17, 10:02am
ANZ's Cameron Bagrie suggests the RBNZ may start easing its LVR restrictions from mid-2018, sees concerns for residential property developers & competition for deposits easing
28 Sep 17, 5:38am
We review the mortgage market post election and in the middle of the Spring selling season, one characterised by limp demand and quiet activity. Good mortgage rate deals may be available
18 Sep 17, 5:40pm
New Zealand's largest home loan lender has reduced two of its 'special' fixed mortgage rates, following SBS Bank. But BNZ raises a key rate
8 Sep 17, 4:24pm
Strong lending growth continues at three NZ owned banks but profit takes a hit at two of them
1 Sep 17, 10:48am
ASB takes -10 bps and -20 bps off most fixed mortgage rates, taking its 18 month 'special' to a market leading low. Westpac also trims a key rate (and cuts two term deposit rates)
26 Aug 17, 8:23am
Two more banks cut their two year rates as the home loan market struggles to find the volumes it needs from a quiet housing market. Borrowers have the advantage
16 Aug 17, 5:15pm
New Zealand's largest home loan lender resets its two year rate lower, now almost the lowest for this term in the market. Westpac follows partly
11 Aug 17, 8:39am
ASB moves to improve the competitiveness of a key rate as wholesale rates fall, and real estate transactions slim down in a softening market
5 Aug 17, 8:50am
Some banks find they can sharpen their fixed home loan offers, especially for longer terms, as wholesale rates stop rising
31 Jul 17, 4:02pm
Stellar year in property finance and investments for First Mortgage Trust as lending exposure to Auckland jumps
31 Jul 17, 9:00am
State-owned bank raises floating rates out-of-cycle, upping them to match its main rivals. Also raises overdraft base rate to 9.90%
29 Jul 17, 7:48am
Half of all interest earned by banks comes from mortgage lending. We analyse how that shakes out, how drawdowns are tracking, and how repayments are flowing
7 Jul 17, 9:02am
Following its main rivals, ASB has increased some fixed rates for mortgages, but still leaving it broadly competitive. Sovereign and BankDirect make idential moves
2 Jul 17, 8:41am
Has the Government's Welcome Home Loan scheme under-performed because of banks' relaxed credit policies?
30 Jun 17, 5:22pm
Two key home loan lenders change rates, one hiking its one year rate, the other cutting its one year rate. Background wholesale rates rise


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