monetary policy

16 Jan 18, 12:51pm
RBNZ decision making & governance report commissioned by Treasury calls for committee decision making, minutes to be released & neutering the RBNZ board
15 Jan 18, 4:08pm
Bernstein's Michael Parker probes cryptocurrencies and asks if you're paying for everything via your smartphone, why does the currency in which you are paying matter?
15 Jan 18, 10:08am
Roger J Kerr says the landscape has shifted dramatically on the inflation front
18 Dec 17, 9:15am
Roger J Kerr looks at why things could be changing for both inflation and interest rates
16 Dec 17, 10:50am
William White says central bankers have started to miss the monetary-policy forest for the trees. He sees little evidence macroprudential tools work in the long run and may help mis-price assets
11 Dec 17, 4:15pm
NZ Super Fund CEO Adrian Orr, touted by Finance Minister Grant Robertson as having 'the standing and ability to manage change,' named new Reserve Bank Governor
11 Dec 17, 10:36am
Roger J Kerr sees reasons why New Zealand's long-term interest rates will increase over the next 12 months
6 Dec 17, 10:16am
Patrick Watson argues that much like the War on Drugs gave the US more drugs, the country's 'War on Slow Growth' might give it even slower economic growth
5 Dec 17, 1:34pm
Reserve Bank Acting Governor says if inflation doesn't pick up from late next year 'a further easing of monetary policy' would have to be considered
4 Dec 17, 11:18am
Roger J Kerr says businesses have sent an inflation signal to the Reserve Bank with their intentions to increase prices
30 Nov 17, 1:27pm
The Reserve Bank's loosening of LVR limits will give the banks greater flexibility with their lending policies - but David Hargreaves wonders if the banks will actually want that at the moment
29 Nov 17, 3:56pm
Reserve Bank doesn't see a collapse of house prices 'as a particularly high risk' due to Government policies, but says the new policies reinforce the RBNZ's decision to relax LVR restrictions
29 Nov 17, 9:13am
Reserve Bank will begin rolling back the LVR restrictions with the 'speed limit' for high LVR lending for banks increased to 15% from 10%; Investors will be required to just make 35% deposits compared with 40% now
27 Nov 17, 11:16am
Roger J Kerr sees business and consumer confidence staying high amid 'just right' export conditions, but warns that the RBNZ may wait too late to signal interest rate rises
20 Nov 17, 4:23pm
With new valuations recording the massive property value gains in recent years, but a new survey suggesting no price gains ahead, will large numbers of homeowners seek to cash in their profits?
20 Nov 17, 9:30am
Roger J Kerr says the reasons for super-low interest rates no longer exist
14 Nov 17, 9:37am
Four years after they were introduced to combat a rampant house market, the loan to value lending restrictions appear likely to be phased out soon; but how, and what happens next?
13 Nov 17, 11:20am
Roger J Kerr is surprised how relatively few New Zealand corporate borrowers have taken advantage of conducive conditions for bond issues
10 Nov 17, 7:39am
Acting RBNZ Governor Grant Spencer concerned about plans to include 'externals' on the proposed new RBNZ monetary policy committee; says the committee needs 'collective responsibility' rather than being 'individualistic'
9 Nov 17, 11:57am
Acting Reserve Bank Governor says the central bank is currently reviewing the LVR restrictions 'and the criteria we would adopt for their removal' and will say more on the subject before the end of the month


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