monetary policy

12 Dec 18, 10:53am
RBNZ has made Patrick Hoerler GM of Business Operations; search still on for two further Assistant Governors
7 Dec 18, 11:17am
Hood the hawks: The outlook is strong but uncertain. The RBNZ has released the doves, Kiwibank's Jarrod Kerr & Jeremy Couchman say in their latest economic outlook
8 Nov 18, 9:05am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; still sees upside and downside risks
7 Nov 18, 3:29pm
Influential RBNZ Survey of expectations shows sharp rise in inflation expected over next year, but more subdued in two years' time; house price expectations have moved up a little
7 Nov 18, 11:12am
Stats NZ says unemployment rate now lowest since June 2008; Employment rate at 68.3% is highest since the series began 30 years ago; wage growth remains subdued
18 Oct 18, 4:14pm
National Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams says the Government's planned reforms could undermine the Reserve Bank and turn it into a political tool
16 Oct 18, 3:32pm
Treasury's Gabriel Makhlouf accepts invitation from RBNZ's Adrian Orr to 'deepen his understanding of the process leading into a monetary policy decision'
16 Oct 18, 10:59am
Stats NZ says prices rose 0.9% in the September quarter, giving an annual inflation rate of 1.9%; economists expected just a 0.7% quarterly rise
15 Oct 18, 11:44am
We face the apparently contradictory situation in which inflation is strongly rising and yet the Reserve Bank will keep the possibility of interest rate cuts on the table
12 Oct 18, 5:02am
Infometrics' Gareth Kiernan sees enough speed bumps on the horizon to slow economic growth more than the market expects; says it's time for LVRs to be eased
3 Oct 18, 9:24am
Brian Fallow delves into the multifaceted debate around the proposed overhaul of the Reserve Bank's monetary policy framework
27 Sep 18, 9:08am
OCR to be kept at an 'expansionary level for a considerable period', with the RBNZ Governor sticking to his line that the next move could be 'up or down'
24 Sep 18, 3:29pm
Despite last week's surprisingly strong GDP figures, economists believe the Reserve Bank will stick to its 'dovish' view that the next move in interest rates could be down when it reviews the Official Cash Rate on Thursday
5 Sep 18, 10:31am
Steven Joyce: 'Our government is currently rearranging, often negatively, not one or two but nearly every aspect of microeconomic policy'
31 Aug 18, 1:17pm
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ Act review, the NZ Initiative's Roger Partridge argues greater oversight of the RBNZ's role as prudential regulator is required
29 Aug 18, 2:01pm
Paper for UN sustainable development project sets out why and how the ways energy, transport, food and housing are produced and consumed should be transformed
28 Aug 18, 9:57am
Stephen Roach says as China shifts to a consumption-based economy, it will become less willing to finance American deficits. A lack of savings will expose the US painfully just as its budget deficits explode
20 Aug 18, 11:47am
ANZ's economists change their call and now no longer expect official interest rates to rise in the foreseeable future
18 Aug 18, 10:02am
Matt Nolan on the top 10 freely available indicators to use to try and figure out what's going on with the New Zealand economic cycle
16 Aug 18, 9:53am
Christian Hawkesby suggests the new Adrian Orr-led regime at the Reserve Bank may result in increased volatility in interest rates and foreign exchange markets


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