21 May 18, 8:04am
Political risk on Italy weighs on the euro. Japan inflation weighs on the yen. NAFTA talks weigh on the CAD. Through all this the NZD comes through well
18 May 18, 8:10am
US bond yields continue to track higher, with the 10-year rate currently trading at 3.11%; NZD is down 0.3% for the day to 0.6875; GBP has been a bit choppy
17 May 18, 8:06am
NZD is having a much better day after its recent rout; NZ rates across the curve and some steepening; UST yields sustained yesterday’s upward move; EUR has been under a bit of pressure
16 May 18, 8:16am
Renewed inflation signals push UST yields up strongly; further rises anticipated. Chances of an extra rate hike in 2018 increase
16 May 18, 8:13am
The move higher in US yields has boosted the USD across the board; GBP has been one of the outperformers in the FX market overnight; NZD is once again one of the underperformers
15 May 18, 2:52pm
US Dollar Index spiked to 92.55 showing the wide ranging support for the greenback; NZD bounced off the low of 0.6900 midweek after the RBNZ left the benchmark rate unchanged at 1.75%; AUD continued its bullish run against the weakened NZD
15 May 18, 8:08am
NZD has been the underperformer in FX markets overnight, now trading at 0.6920 USD; NZ swap rates continued to move lower yesterday; European bond yields rose after news that the ECB was planning on raising rates at some point in 2019
14 May 18, 8:07am
USD closed the week slightly lower against most of the G10, although the movements were very modest; NZD traded a narrow range on Friday night, ending the week just below 0.6970 USD; Budget on Thursday is the key event for the local rates
11 May 18, 7:58am
NZD is the worst performing currency the past 24 hours; local rates lower; GBP was the second worst performing currency; USD fell after a slightly lower than expected US core CPI release; UST yields declined slightly
10 May 18, 8:11am
UST 10yr up over 3% again despite weaker US PPI. Eyes on US CPI data. Eyes also on the new RBNZ Governor and the MPS
9 May 18, 7:59am
USD has extended its recent gains overnight, with the Bloomberg DXY moving up to a new high for 2018; NZD broke below 0.70 to a low of 0.6954, before bouncing back slightly to 0.6965; US 10 year Treasury is up 2bps to 2.97%
8 May 18, 2:51pm
NZD remains stuck in a range against the USD between the recent high of 0.7050 and the low of 0.6985; RBNZ will announce their cash rate Thursday with no change from 1.75% expected; BOE will also announce their cash rate Thursday night NZ time
8 May 18, 8:29am
Oil prices pushed on to a new post-2014 high; USD is generally stronger, with the Bloomberg DXY and the (euro-centric) DXY both making new highs for 2018; GBP is the strongest currency in the G10
7 May 18, 8:23am
USD moved higher after payrolls, in tandem with the increase in Treasury yields off the intraday lows, Bloomberg DXY was up 0.2%; NZD hit a low of 0.6994 after payrolls, before recovering to end the week at 0.7020
7 May 18, 7:46am
Mixed US payrolls data, deadlocked China talks, EMs doing it tough, but UST 10yr yields little changed at 2.95%. Eyes on commodity risks
3 May 18, 8:03am
USD index (BBDXY) has lost about 0.25% since the FOMC announcement; NZD sits this morning at 0.7020, up from the overnight low of 0.6996 immediately before the FOMC; local market saw a slight steepening of the yield curve
2 May 18, 8:07am
NZD temporarily broke down through 0.70 although it has managed to hold just above 0.70 over the past few hours; USD indices up 0.5-0.7%; UST rates are about 1bp higher across the curve; weakest of the majors has been the GBP
1 May 18, 3:54pm
USD has extended its run against the NZD, which fell over 150 points as risk markets took a backseat to USD strength; NZD extended losses last week against the AUD; 10 year UST yield has diminished after rising to 3.035% late last week
1 May 18, 8:06am
Key US inflation data overnight were in line with expectations; USD has weakened slightly since the inflation data release; AUD has underperformed alongside the NZD which sees the NZDAUD cross flat around 0.9345
27 Apr 18, 7:43am
President Draghi acknowledged “some moderation in growth” but noted the economic recovery was still solid, EUR fell to 1.21; NZD still trading close to where it was this time yesterday at 0.7060 USD


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