15 Aug 18, 7:51am
USD has continued to push higher overnight; EUR, GBP and AUD have all made new lows for the year; NZD is down slightly on the day but has outperformed most of the G10; NZ swap rates pushed higher yesterday
14 Aug 18, 2:20pm
World trade concerns continue to spook markets with investors worried about sentiment; NZDUSD sits at a March 2016 low of 0.6573 ; NZDAUD has leveled off this week to consolidate around the 0.9050 area
14 Aug 18, 7:42am
Turkey remains in the headlines after more volatility in the lira; developed market equities are modestly lower overnight and core bond yields are little changed; USD is stronger against emerging market currencies
13 Aug 18, 7:56am
Macroeconomic situation in Turkey escalated into an all-out currency crisis; emerging market currencies were weaker and markets saw broad-based strength in the USD; NZD has fallen further to below 0.66; NZ rates experienced another substantial fall
10 Aug 18, 8:09am
NZD is in good company at the bottom of the leaderboard; Yen, Swiss franc and USD have outperformed; Global rates have nudged lower while NZ swap rates reached 2-year lows yesterday
9 Aug 18, 7:50am
There has been some mild outperformance of commodity currencies and the yen; GBP remains unloved; US equities are flat and the global rates market shows little change
8 Aug 18, 8:07am
Chinese yuan dragged the AUD higher but the NZD has been left behind and is flat; S&P500 approaching a fresh high and global bond yields are slightly higher; market volatility remains suppressed
7 Aug 18, 1:58pm
Currency markets were all broadly weaker through the later stages of the week once risk markets were put on notice; NZD is trading just off its lows at 0.6730 midday Tuesday after starting the week at 0.6745; AUD strength has dominated the NZD
7 Aug 18, 7:54am
The drift lower in the NZD has been against a backdrop of a broadly based, albeit modest, gain in the USD; GBP remains under pressure; UST 10-yr rate is down slightly to 2.93%
6 Aug 18, 8:06am
CNY weakened to its lowest level in nearly 15 months, with USD/CNY up through 6.89; PBoC raised the reserve requirement on FX forwards trading to 20%; the move supported the NZD and AUD, particularly the latter
3 Aug 18, 8:10am
Increased focus on trade tensions sees a weaker NZD; AUD has held up slightly better; GBP has also underperformed despite the BoE hiking rates; UST yields have slipped back below the 3% mark
2 Aug 18, 7:59am
Yen slightly stronger on slightly lower risk sentiment; NZD and AUD have sustained the small losses seen during local trading hours yesterday; global rates are higher, with some spillover evident from higher JGB yields
1 Aug 18, 7:58am
AUD and CAD were supported overnight with the NZD dragging the chain; JPY has remained soft after the more dovish BoJ yesterday; BoJ kept global bond rates in check
31 Jul 18, 1:53pm
NZD pushed off 0.6760 USD last week and has made subtle gains to 0.6830; risk sentiment will play a huge role as the week progresses; NZD has made a push higher against the AUD
31 Jul 18, 8:05am
USD has been the worst performing of the majors for no particular reason; NZD has outperformed its commodity currency counterparts; US 10-year Treasuries nudge up 2bps to currently 2.975%
27 Jul 18, 8:08am
Trump and Juncker agree to hold off tariffs; EUR fell after Draghi confirmed that the ECB wouldn’t raise rates until after next summer; NZD has moved lower in sympathy with the EUR and remains firmly range-bound for now; UST yields stable
26 Jul 18, 7:48am
US equities moved higher overnight, helped in part by some conciliatory comments from President Trump; USD weakened across the board; NZD has pushed on to 0.6825; US 10 year Treasury yield is down 1bp
24 Jul 18, 3:30pm
Markets have turned yesterday to become risk averse again based on President Trump’s tweet; NZD gapped lower on the weekly open to 0.6790 after President Trump spooked markets; NZDAUD cross extends its 4th week of range bound activity
23 Jul 18, 8:07am
President Trump blamed China and the EU for manipulating their currencies and interest rates and again questioning the Fed for raising rates; USD fell sharply; NZD has moved up above 0.68; UST 10 year yield up 4bps on the day to 2.89%
20 Jul 18, 8:09am
US dollar index made a fresh year-to-date high overnight; CNY made a new low for the year; NZD moved lower overnight, in sympathy with the moves in the CNY; US Treasury yields are 2 to 3bps lower on the day


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