Budget 2018

12 Sep 18, 3:01pm
Discussion papers released on Govt plans to introduce Wellbeing measures into public finance and for the setting up of an independent fiscal institution to provide non-partisan costing of political policies
2 Sep 18, 7:02am
Shane Jones’ multi-billion-dollar Provincial Growth Fund still has a long way to go before reaching its $3 billion target, Jason Walls says the next couple of years might prove to be a political headache for the Government
23 Aug 18, 10:33am
The Government will spend $305 million on upgrading Auckland hospitals, to make up for a ‘legacy of deferred maintenance’
23 Jul 18, 1:24pm
New figures show the number of businesses planning on increasing R&D spending has doubled, but is it because of the impending R&D tax credit policy or NZ’s tight labour market?
13 Jul 18, 12:16pm
The Government has a $3 billion surplus, it is $1.6 billion under its spending cap and has almost met its debt target – so why are we being told there is no money left for nurses?
1 Jul 18, 7:03am
After reading the Budget, the RBNZ expects the effects of government spending on GDP will be ‘lower and later’ than anticipated, a different take to the Treasury’s forecast – Jason Walls asks why
7 Jun 18, 8:22am
Peter Dunne argues that the Government is not prepared to confront lessons from the past and says that the idealism - not the failure - of the 1970s Labour administration is what is being remembered
3 Jun 18, 7:02am
Despite billions of dollars of goodies in the Budget, NZ First is polling below 5% - Jason Walls says this potentially sets up a very interesting six or so weeks when Winston is Acting PM
29 May 18, 8:30am
The rise of the greenback may have run it course as markets accept the ECB is a long way from unwinding, and the American economy's growth is uncertain. The Kiwi dollar is under much less pressure now
22 May 18, 4:05pm
Minister of Housing Phil Twyford says MBIE correctly diagnosed the weakness in the Treasury’s KiwiBuild forecast & they're the ones implementing the policy
21 May 18, 8:24am
A relief bounce following the Budget comes as hedge fund book squaring stops the slide in the NZD and other selling forces run out of steam at US$0.6850
20 May 18, 6:54am
The Government's commitment to establishing a non-partisan fiscal costings body is the right move - you only need to revisit the $11.7b fiscal hole saga to see why, says Jason Walls
18 May 18, 3:58pm
MBIE believes the value of residential property investment over the next 5 years will be 2-5 times higher than Treasury projects; Twyford says Treasury's math is 'simply wrong'
18 May 18, 1:23pm
The Finance Minister is committing more funding to health over coming budgets, saying it will take six years for the Government to make up for years of underfunding in the sector
18 May 18, 11:49am
Peter Dunne argues the real questions over the Budget arise not from its economics but with the politics of it
18 May 18, 8:56am
Despite expectations of an environmental and biosecurity reset, Budget 2018 was a boring-as-usual effort offering little new direction for the rural community
18 May 18, 8:25am
EY's David Snell assesses Grant Robertson's first Budget and concludes there's much more to do to boost all-important productivity growth
18 May 18, 7:12am
Insurers back Government's move to spend $8 million on tribunal to help settle the thousands of outstanding Canterbury earthquake claims
17 May 18, 5:44pm
Government commits to setting up an independent fiscal institution to provide non-partisan costings of political parties’ policies 
17 May 18, 4:23pm
In his Budget speech to the House, Bridges again tries to drive a wedge between Labour and NZ First


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