Bank performance: Kiwibank the weakest, Rabobank the strongest in latest review

Bank performance: Kiwibank the weakest, Rabobank the strongest in latest review

Annual bank shareholder returns edged up in the March 2011 reporting period to 10.2% per annum from 9.9% per annum in the December 2010 quarter.

The top three earning retail full-service banks in New Zealand were ASB, whose shareholder - Commonwealth Bank of Australia - earned 14.8% on its equity investment in the year to March 2011, Rabobank (11.8%) and TSB Bank (11.4%).

The banks with the weakest returns included Kiwibank (4.1%), SBS Bank (7.4%) and Westpac (8.8%).

Compared with annual returns a year earlier, BNZ had the best improvement growing to 11.1% from minus 4.3% for the year to March 2010. ASB had the second biggest rise to 14.8% from 5.6%, and Rabobank grew to 11.8% from 4.0%.

At the other end of the scale, Kiwibank had the weakest performance, falling to 4.1% from 14.9% a year earlier, TSB fell to 11.4% from 15.7%, and SBS fell to 7.4% from 8.8%.

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The most leveraged retail bank operating in New Zealand as at March 2011 was Kiwibank, whose capital was leveraged 23.3 times. BNZ was next most leveraged at 16.9 times, and ASB was the third most leveraged bank at 16.0 times.

The least leveraged retail bank in New Zealand was ANZ (10.9 times), followed by Rabobank (11.3 times), and TSB (13.5 times).

We monitor all bank financial results as soon as they are published by each institution. An industry-wide comparison can only be published when the last bank reports, and this quarter, the last bank was SBS.

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