Personal Finance

4 Dec 18, 5:29pm
Treasury releases the first version of its Living Standards Framework Dashboard that will help inform Grant Robertson's 'Wellbeing Budget'
30 Nov 18, 5:29pm
NZ's largest mortgage bank also raises a key rate, but then adds a competitive 18 mth 'special', and extends its $3000 cash-back inducement
30 Nov 18, 10:16am
BNZ ups its sub-4% two year home loan rate to match its rivals at 4.29% as the competitive imperative for lower rates to win market share fades. Westpac follows
29 Nov 18, 12:00pm
A 325% debt-to-disposable income ratio, household debt growing at a more sustainable rate, horticulture lending being monitored, eye watering life insurance commissions & more from the RBNZ's FSR
29 Nov 18, 5:00am
Tax Working Group members Craig Elliffe and Robin Oliver discuss the challenges of creating a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that excludes the family home
24 Nov 18, 10:02am
Martin Hawes thinks there are three key reasons property investors should also be in KiwiSaver - and one of them is that the returns can be better
23 Nov 18, 1:18pm
Strong annual growth in peer to peer lending as value of outstanding loans reaches $489 million and write-offs rise 64% to $13.9 million, FMA figures show
22 Nov 18, 6:07pm
HSBC reprises its lowest-ever mortgage rate of 3.79% making that offer 16 basis points better than any other bank for a one year fixed term
22 Nov 18, 10:56am
The Reserve Bank admits it might need to change the way it oversees banks' books, as banks are poised to start servicing their customers more through third parties
20 Nov 18, 9:25am
Terry Baucher details how the previous National-led government appears to have successfully raised at least $1 billion of extra revenue annually with little or no fanfare
19 Nov 18, 4:58pm
The NZX warns against the introduction of a capital gains tax on NZ shares, saying it could uneven the playing field between those who invest in the market directly and indirectly through the likes of KiwiSaver
15 Nov 18, 9:26am
History is made with the weighted average one year fixed mortgage rate falling below 4% for the first time ever, bumped lower by Thursday's cut by TSB
13 Nov 18, 1:59pm
ASB cuts one rate to 3.95% but raises two others as the sub 4% rate level embeds in the current home loan market; only three stragglers to go now
12 Nov 18, 5:05pm
Another major bank reduces one mortgage rate below 4%, leaving only ASB and Kiwibank as majors with no offers at this new level
12 Nov 18, 2:27pm
Cybercrime and scams run through email, phone calls, text, mail, and door knocks could be costing up to $0.5 bln per year. A big bank has some advice about how to avoid being a victim
12 Nov 18, 1:31pm
BNZ unveils two year 3.99% home loan rate from November 13 as mortgage wars intensify
12 Nov 18, 9:05am
ANZ follows up its new lower one year rate with a $3000 cash back incentive, with conditions that include promising to stay with them for three years
12 Nov 18, 6:02am
With wholesale interest rates turning higher, Kiwibank tests the waters with a new 'special' one year term deposit rate offer that is +15 to +25 bps higher than its rivals
10 Nov 18, 9:43am
We examine the margin shifts as wholesale money rates rise just as one large mortgage bank cuts a key rate, looking at the pressures and motivations for the move
10 Nov 18, 9:00am
New Zealand's largest home loan lender challenges its main rivals with a sub-4% one year fixed mortgage rate - just as wholesale swap rates turn up


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