Personal Finance

10 Nov 18, 9:00am
New Zealand's largest home loan lender challenges its main rivals with a sub-4% one year fixed mortgage rate - just as wholesale swap rates turn up
7 Nov 18, 3:24pm
Government's suggestion of establishing a legal duty for banks to consider customers' long-term outcomes would be a shift to a fiduciary duty of care from buyer beware
5 Nov 18, 9:49am
Kiwibank is the next one to chop a key home loan rate, reducing its one year fixed rate to 4.05% as the main banks follow the challenger banks lower
3 Nov 18, 11:17am
Three cuts from a rising challenger bank tighten the rate competition for home loans. While none of these reductions are market-leading, they reinforce the downward trend in mortgage rate offers
3 Nov 18, 9:57am
Heavy buying by just three dictatorships add significantly to current gold demand, but are overwhelmed by even faster supply flows. Prices are falling. Investors are shying away
3 Nov 18, 9:43am
Moneyhub's Christopher Walsh takes a deep look at a SME capital raising sector that was touted as 'the next big thing' but has struggled to gain traction and credibility in New Zealand
2 Nov 18, 11:08am
Consultation document for next stage of Reserve Bank Act review gives clear signals that some form of formal protection for bank depositors is likely to be introduced
1 Nov 18, 2:25pm
Benefits of making lenders disclose the effective cost of credit, by combining interest rates & fees, deemed not sufficient to warrant the costs and complexities, MBIE says
31 Oct 18, 10:18am
Two and a half years after putting NZ finance subsidiary UDC on the block, ANZ says it's 'putting on hold' all sale discussions
31 Oct 18, 10:04am
Another bank trims a key fixed home loan rate. We review where the market is settling to and assess how much lower it could go as banks try to protect their margins
30 Oct 18, 11:07am
Average annual housing costs rose faster than average annual household income over the past decade, Statistics NZ says
29 Oct 18, 9:33am
The Little Black Book of Scams: no matter what type of scam, here are eight common features to be on the lookout for
29 Oct 18, 8:36am
As mortgage lenders pull back from lending to property investors, offers to owner-occupiers are getting sharper as overall mortgage market growth slows
27 Oct 18, 9:46am
The Little Black Book of Scams: deals that seem too good to be true probably are. Fraud happens even within legitimate auction sites, even ones with domain names
26 Oct 18, 11:49am
Need some flex for whatever's next? Be prepared to pay heaps. We mystery shop the current Gem Finance personal loan offer
26 Oct 18, 9:22am
The Little Black Book of Scams: watch out for fraudsters who hope to take advantage of people's suffering, especially those promising dramatic results with little effort
25 Oct 18, 11:03am
The Little Black Book of Scams: 'free' subscription offers can quickly lead to payment obligations that are very hard to get out of
24 Oct 18, 11:03am
The Little Black Book of Scams: Urgent calls from someone claiming to be a grandchild need to be verified
23 Oct 18, 10:44am
The Little Black Book of Scams: Aggressive face-to-face pitches at your front door are often scams, pitching charity donations, investments or home services
22 Oct 18, 10:54am
The Little Black Book of Scams: Always check to make sure calls, texts or emails from the IRD are real. Tax scams are on the rise


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