Personal Finance

11 Jul 11, 4:59pm
Nick Smith says ACC to slash employee levies 17% or NZ$340 mln and to cut employer levies 22% or NZ$247 million
11 Jul 11, 8:36am
Carmel Fisher poo-poos tall poppy syndrome; finds out what we can learn from mining heiress Gina Reinhart; a "vindictive, slothful and devious baby elephant."
8 Jul 11, 2:59pm
Five-fold Friday: Brazilians and other painful budget assaults; Organic savings; Tiramisu KiwiSaver returns; CGT hysteria; Greek Debtocracy
8 Jul 11, 12:25pm
Financial products with a twist: Hannah Lynch looks at a hybrid that aims to save the environment and money at the same time.
8 Jul 11, 10:11am
Joan Baker dispells some misconceptions about women, men and money; says feminine conservatism lends itself to smart investment decisions.
7 Jul 11, 5:36pm
Hannah Lynch looks for signs of gender equality in the workforce and has to squint to find them; instead she gets a five-point lesson in how to avoid the usual money mistakes
7 Jul 11, 12:50pm
Community-oriented, no frills, no fuss, low fees credit unions looking to build membership; Position themselves as a trustworthy alternative to 'big banks'
6 Jul 11, 2:01pm
Amanda Morrall talks to Martin Hawes about his latest book, his views on the economy and why residential property could be the next investment "disaster''
5 Jul 11, 2:29pm
Janine Starks walks the great wall of EQC rules to look at rules find out what is and isn't covered and how much you'll get. Tell us your story:
4 Jul 11, 8:36am
Fund manager Carmel Fisher gets a read on the situation in Greece and finds reason to worry about a domino effect for other debt-laden nations
1 Jul 11, 5:58pm
Five-fold Friday: The best kind of spending; ASB's fee friendly vanilla Kiwisaver; Overseas pension tax traps; Top 5 business flix of the decade
1 Jul 11, 4:38pm
Tax specialist Terry Baucher looks at the tax risks of foreign investment funds and how to transition foreign pensions without losing your shirt - and savings
30 Jun 11, 4:22pm
AMI reinsurance in place from tomorrow; Catastrophe cover cost more than double what it was
30 Jun 11, 12:02pm
Personal finance editor Amanda Morrall breaks up with Westpac, falls for a pure-bred Kiwi instead after being romanced by low fees and customer service
29 Jun 11, 5:26pm
Here's how over 250,000 students are using and abusing over NZ$2.1 billion of interest free loans and allowances. Your experience?
29 Jun 11, 9:44am
Good supply, low demand reduces wholesale electricity prices, but consumers hit with increases. Your view?
28 Jun 11, 3:00pm
Janine Starks deconstructs contracts for difference in simple terms; cautions would be investors to be careful.
24 Jun 11, 5:14pm
Janine Starks gives herself grey hair looking at rest home costs, emphasises the need for early planning.
24 Jun 11, 4:35pm
Five-fold Friday: Amanda's happy ending; a lifetime of debt; red zone remedies; Your secrets aren't safe with IRD ; Reader's choice personal financial books
23 Jun 11, 1:20pm
Study finds that a majority of Kiwis believe that fixed-interest will deliver better long-term returns than a mix of equities


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