Personal Finance

19 Jul 11, 12:05am
Michael Coote gets to the bottom of growth funds; finds out that growth is in the eye of the fund manager. Says investors need to drill down
15 Jul 11, 8:05am
Janine Starks looks at the case of a family man weighed down by a mortgage, debt and lack of income; says it's important always to count one's assets.
14 Jul 11, 4:00pm
Instant Finance's biggest loan is to its CEO Richard de Lautour at a much lower rate than the 29.95% it charges customers
14 Jul 11, 1:13pm
Amanda Morrall ponders her credit rating, looks at proposed revamp of credit ratings in NZ to allow lenders access to two year history on bill payments and more
12 Jul 11, 10:44am
Amanda Morrall looks at the pros and cons of renting your house out for Rugby World Cup. Your experience?
11 Jul 11, 4:59pm
Nick Smith says ACC to slash employee levies 17% or NZ$340 mln and to cut employer levies 22% or NZ$247 million
11 Jul 11, 8:36am
Carmel Fisher poo-poos tall poppy syndrome; finds out what we can learn from mining heiress Gina Reinhart; a "vindictive, slothful and devious baby elephant."
8 Jul 11, 2:59pm
Five-fold Friday: Brazilians and other painful budget assaults; Organic savings; Tiramisu KiwiSaver returns; CGT hysteria; Greek Debtocracy
8 Jul 11, 12:25pm
Financial products with a twist: Hannah Lynch looks at a hybrid that aims to save the environment and money at the same time.
8 Jul 11, 10:11am
Joan Baker dispells some misconceptions about women, men and money; says feminine conservatism lends itself to smart investment decisions.
7 Jul 11, 5:36pm
Hannah Lynch looks for signs of gender equality in the workforce and has to squint to find them; instead she gets a five-point lesson in how to avoid the usual money mistakes
7 Jul 11, 12:50pm
Community-oriented, no frills, no fuss, low fees credit unions looking to build membership; Position themselves as a trustworthy alternative to 'big banks'
6 Jul 11, 2:01pm
Amanda Morrall talks to Martin Hawes about his latest book, his views on the economy and why residential property could be the next investment "disaster''
5 Jul 11, 2:29pm
Janine Starks walks the great wall of EQC rules to look at rules find out what is and isn't covered and how much you'll get. Tell us your story:
4 Jul 11, 8:36am
Fund manager Carmel Fisher gets a read on the situation in Greece and finds reason to worry about a domino effect for other debt-laden nations
1 Jul 11, 5:58pm
Five-fold Friday: The best kind of spending; ASB's fee friendly vanilla Kiwisaver; Overseas pension tax traps; Top 5 business flix of the decade
1 Jul 11, 4:38pm
Tax specialist Terry Baucher looks at the tax risks of foreign investment funds and how to transition foreign pensions without losing your shirt - and savings
30 Jun 11, 4:22pm
AMI reinsurance in place from tomorrow; Catastrophe cover cost more than double what it was
30 Jun 11, 12:02pm
Personal finance editor Amanda Morrall breaks up with Westpac, falls for a pure-bred Kiwi instead after being romanced by low fees and customer service
29 Jun 11, 5:26pm
Here's how over 250,000 students are using and abusing over NZ$2.1 billion of interest free loans and allowances. Your experience?


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