Personal Finance

24 May 11, 1:43pm
Rent affordability a measure of income, debt, expenses and quality of life.
24 May 11, 10:54am
Janine Starks slices the numbers on a retirement pot that has swelled to $1.3 million and looks at spending options for two 75-year-olds
20 May 11, 4:40pm
Five-fold Friday: Food waste; 20 step credit addiction programme; Rent or buy; KiwiSaver crunch; The Happiness Advantage
19 May 11, 5:17pm
KiwiSaver losing its lustre as sweeteners scaled back, says Workplace Saving; providers maintain it's still a good bet
17 May 11, 11:13am
Insurance Brokers Association responds to calls for disclosure on fee payment and greater transparency, explains how the new rules apply
16 May 11, 10:15am
Janine Starks exposes a vast gap in earthquake insurance coverage after the wreckers leave and finds 7 reasons to stay insured. Tell us your story.....
13 May 11, 5:55pm
Five-fold Friday: KiwiSaver tool-kit; PPI malarkey; Chch rate relief; financial cockroaches; STINKRS and trust busting
12 May 11, 10:44am
19 ways to bust a trust and more: Michael Coote looks at the legal showdown brewing in the Family Court. Your view?
11 May 11, 8:55am
Janine Starks on financial illusions and the hazards of comparing yourself with your supposedly rich neighbour.
6 May 11, 4:20pm
Five-fold Friday: Peak coffee; cheap creditor threats ; rent relief; KiwiSaver tax cuts; Impotence and the thinking man's drug
3 May 11, 2:00pm
Financial agony aunt Janine Starks explores one family's struggles to save and offers some home-made solutions to building wealth, slowly but surely.
29 Apr 11, 4:54pm
Five-fold Friday: Simple savings & gratitude; Credit policing; Strip-trees; Financial serendipity; Economics for people who hate capitalism
29 Apr 11, 3:50pm
Financial agony aunt Janine Starks does the sums on U.K. pension transfers and gets caught in the currency cross fire. Is the Kiwi headed south or north? Your view?
28 Apr 11, 12:58pm
Financial commentator Janine Starks takes a look at the EQC insurance claims process and finds a quick path to pay-outs. Tell us your story.
27 Apr 11, 4:45pm
Personal finance editor Amanda Morrall finds a silver lining hiding in the attic, but should she sell it? Your view on silver?
26 Apr 11, 10:09am
Personal finance editor Amanda Morrall opens the books and finds a financial horror story of her own making. Your advice for Amanda?
21 Apr 11, 9:49am
Starting a family is stressful enough without the added worries of money. Janine Starks crunches the numbers and looks at the importance of financial planning.
18 Apr 11, 5:47pm
Financial columnist Janine Starks prescribes 10 steps to deal with financial stress after the Christchurch earthquakes
24 Mar 11, 7:34pm
Michael Coote warns a narrow clique of bureacrats believe family trust law should be fixed to stop tax cheats and money launderers. Your view?
11 Mar 11, 3:29pm
Five-fold Friday: Organic food price controls; just desserts for credit card companies; floating mortgages; KiwiSaver tax deceit; and Kiyosaki's Conspiracy theories


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