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Feds like Red Meat PMP's focus inside farm gate, but also want processor industry reform now

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Feds like Red Meat PMP's focus inside farm gate, but also want processor industry reform now

Content supplied by Federated Farmers

With red meat industry reform a big topic for farmers, Federated Farmers is welcoming the most comprehensive collaboration ever seen in the sector.

With the Federation going out to its members next week on meat industry reform options, this becomes the first week in a revolutionary fortnight for New Zealand’s number two export industry.

“It seems ironic that I am going to welcome 1.3 million fewer lambs being tailed in 2013 over 2012, but the second smallest lamb crop in nearly 60 years is a good outcome following the 2013 drought,” says Jeanette Maxwell, Federated Farmers Meat & Fibre chairperson.

“To be brutally honest, that 4.7 percent decline to a 2013/14 crop of 25.5 million lambs, underscores how vital this week’s announcement of the Red Meat Profit Partnership is."

“We cannot keep going on like this either inside the farmgate or outside of it."

“It is why we welcome a majority of our meat processing capacity coming together in the form of Alliance Group, ANZCO Foods, Blue Sky Meats, Greenlea Premier Meats, Progressive Meats and Silver Fern Farms."

“When you put that together with ANZ Bank, Rabobank, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the Government, you’ve got serious firepower to help deliver real change inside the farm gate."

“My hope is that the other processors and the other banks will become involved because we need them on board and the door is open to them."

“This Red Meat Profit Partnership is about taking the right lessons from other industries in order to give farmers the information and tools we need to farm better in terms of production and profit."

“It’s ultimately about better farm businesses and that’s good for every New Zealander. Federated Farmers stands ready to assist where we can to help get farmer-buy-in."

“Inside the farmgate is one side of the coin, but the other is red meat industry reform."

“I can tell you Federated Farmers is about ready to start our consultation with our members on a series of reform options. We’ll be telling the wider farming community more about this next week,” Mrs Maxwell concluded.

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