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Deer price trends


The venison schedules continue their downward summer adjustment as fawn heads pop out of the long grass as next years crop emerges.

Duncan & Co have achieved a full takeover of the Otago Venison plant at Mosgiel, to now give them good processing facilities in both islands, and are bullish for venison’s prospects on the back of good sales into the US and positive prospects in the emerging Chinese market.

While volumes of spring chilled product are behind last year, total chilled exports are ahead due to the growth of the year-round US market developed to reduce this sectors dependence on Europe.

More reports of good prices for this season’s velvet ( $20-$30/kg lift) as prices rose for the third year in a row, led by strong interest in Chinese style cuts and a lift in heavy Korean grades.

Most of the first cut product is sold or commited, with just some two year old heads, second growth and spiker grades yet to be offered to mainly Chinese buyers.


Industry leaders report that at these levels, production increases are sustainable, as exporters report good sales of product  and breeders that have invested in good antler genetics should be well rewarded at the approaching stag sales.

Trends show that the summer schedule is looking for the bottom as producers look for exporters optimism to show in the schedules.

AP Stag

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