Rural news

1 Aug 18, 11:23am
Westland Milk Products' future up in the air as investment strategists consider merging, divesting or bringing in a cornerstone investor to the co-operative
1 Aug 18, 10:46am
Westland Milk strategy review casts a wide focus to find higher value add. Vets issue no-transport advice for MPB herds
31 Jul 18, 4:23pm
The intricacies of the Brexit separation catches NZ lamb in the crossfire. Wool's struggles get a further tech challenge. Mt White sale exposes fish hooks
28 Jul 18, 10:31am
Guy Trafford takes a look at a research report that puts a spotlight on key challenges facing Fonterra
27 Jul 18, 10:30am
Fonterra chairman John Wilson stood down on Friday, citing health reasons. Fonterra critic Shane Jones has a few words of advice for new chairman John Monaghan
27 Jul 18, 9:41am
Fonterra chairman John Wilson quits after serious health scare, being replaced by John Monaghan, a director of the co-operative for 10 years
26 Jul 18, 12:04pm
As peak cow arrives, farmers search for cost-effective alternatives for irrigated land use - and sheep dairy is getting the attention of some heavy hitters
26 Jul 18, 8:13am
Keith Woodford explains why MPI’s spring focus on bulk-milk testing of healthy cows for Mycoplasma bovis is a hit and miss affair
25 Jul 18, 9:04am
With supermarket groups reacting to fickle ginger group pressure, consumer options become inconsistent in the supermarket aisles, and local farmers lose out to lower standard imports
25 Jul 18, 8:42am
Allan Barber updates and reviews a key idea to improve on-farm productivity, one that may involve a quarter of all sheep & beef farms, and one that has a great chance of success
19 Jul 18, 10:30am
Farm sales down 17% in 12 months to June, lifestyle block sales down 14.8% - REINZ
18 Jul 18, 2:44pm
Guy Trafford updates the recent price, schedule, and regulatory changes in the dairy and red meat sectors
17 Jul 18, 9:23am
There has been an explosion in consumer demand for consumer-ready velvet-based products in Korea. China looks ready to follow
17 Jul 18, 9:13am
Guy Trafford sees MFAT's goals for a NZ-EU FTA coming with some tough consequences for local artisan producers and little chance of the EU giving up its subsidy advantages
13 Jul 18, 2:56pm
Keith Woodford explains how evidence for early arrival of Mycoplasma bovis continues to mount
13 Jul 18, 10:51am
Allan Barber reviews Blue Sky Meats chequered performance, this year a rare profit. Is this the turnaround that they need to justify the farmer loyalty they have enjoyed?
12 Jul 18, 9:33am
Guy Trafford wraps up the key dairy issues before the new season gets underway - the beta, TBD, MPB, confidence, and then on to DIRA
11 Jul 18, 10:34am
Guy Trafford interprets the messages flowing from Air New Zealand's decision to promote meat-free options on selected long-haul international flights. Meanwhile venison pricing breaks new ground
11 Jul 18, 8:37am
Allan Barber says disruption is coming from many directions for red meat, but the industry has an ideal opportunity to respond with a natural, grass-fed message for premium markets
9 Jul 18, 10:34am
Steady domestic demand contrasts with rising US demand, and analysts divided on next direction in China. India now pays the same as China although volume has slipped


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