Rural news

13 Jun 18, 4:09pm
The ‘First Citizen of the Provinces’ has called for the resignation of another top public-sector figure – Fonterra Chairman John Wilson
13 Jun 18, 10:46am
The coming country of origin brand campaign, the new Environment Strategy, and the Red Meat Story bolster a strong environmental backstory for the Taste Pure Nature pitch
13 Jun 18, 10:05am
Strong demand from the US and EU for clear lumber produced by New Zealand mills with prices rising to record highs. China demand high but softening as prices rise. Domestic demand steady
13 Jun 18, 8:55am
Real science puts agricultural methane in its proper place as a contributor to greenhouse gas emmissions, a 'flow' pollutant and less concerning than 'stock' pollutants like carbon dioxide
11 Jun 18, 4:11pm
Allan Barber reviews some decidedly average results by the key meat processors, even as farmer returns are high in the face of aggressive competition
7 Jun 18, 10:09am
Dairy Report: Perceptions of who-pays-what for m.bovis culling needs balance. But new dairy season payout estimates underline the sector's sustainable strength
6 Jun 18, 11:10am
Guy Trafford (bravely) looks at the big international influences in markets important to sheep and beef farmers as they start thinking about next year's budgets
5 Jun 18, 9:49am
Federated Farmers' member survey shows farmer satisfaction with banks holding at about 80% positive, but sharemilker satisfaction is down sharply
5 Jun 18, 7:58am
Keith Woodford explains why European semen is the likely source of the disease, and how this helps explain the rapid spread
2 Jun 18, 9:44am
Dairy Report: China, the US and the EU may be pushing on, developing their own dairy industries, but prime New Zealand dairy farms are selling for increasingly higher prices
1 Jun 18, 9:15am
Already-stressed farmers will need to use all resources available to cope with the added impact of mycoplasma bovis. Their personal resilience faces a severe test
30 May 18, 12:08pm
After coming under pressure for not taking calves through to greater age and potential, MPB risks have now suddenly turned that on its head
30 May 18, 8:58am
In a second open letter to the Minister of Agriculture, Keith Woodford highlights some ‘coalface’ issues that MPI is really struggling with, right now
28 May 18, 9:36pm
Keith Woodford says the Government is underestimating the animal and human welfare issues in its MPB plan, along with underestimating the complexity of the compensation claims
28 May 18, 4:01pm
The Prime Minister says Cabinet, and Primary Sector officials, agree they have ‘one shot’ to eradicate the cattle bacterial disease and is expecting it to cost almost $1 billion
25 May 18, 4:52pm
Mycoplasma bovis: do we need to go so fast and should the North and South Islands be managed separately?
24 May 18, 10:18am
Dairy Report: D-day looms for the M Bovis decision as farmers get ready for cow moving day
23 May 18, 9:10am
Dairy giant Fonterra lifts current season milk price forecast to $6.75 from $6.55, but says dividend may be more than halved; milk price forecast for new season, at $7, is much higher than expected
23 May 18, 8:35am
The newly launched NFX raises many questions for an amazing, natural product that constantly gets poor prices - unless it is merino
22 May 18, 12:05pm
Simon Bridges says he doesn't want to use Mycoplasma bovis as a ‘political football’, despite the issue for weeks being kicked around by both National and Labour


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