17 Mar 19, 8:25am
Latest financial update from Auckland Council forecasts its debt will be below its $9 billion target for this financial year
14 Mar 19, 9:52am
Ratings agency S&P Global says while the global economy is more leveraged that it was at the time of the GFC the likelihood of a widespread investor exodus is contained
27 Feb 19, 4:07pm
Gareth Vaughan says NZ's 4 Aussie owned banks may have a hard row to hoe in getting the RBNZ's proposals for them to hold significantly more capital rolled back
30 Aug 18, 3:22pm
S&P downgrades AMP Life's credit rating by a notch 'as a result of fallout from the Royal Commission revelations'; NZ managing director says impact on NZ is immaterial
13 Jul 18, 12:16pm
The Government has a $3 billion surplus, it is $1.6 billion under its spending cap and has almost met its debt target – so why are we being told there is no money left for nurses?
4 May 18, 5:00am
The Prime Minister is challenging businesses to take a look at New Zealand’s strong economic position, as business optimism surveys show confidence remain low
23 Apr 18, 2:50pm
The country's biggest bank is suggesting New Zealand’s 'urgent' need for infrastructure outweighs the Government’s 'arbitrary [debt] target'
17 Apr 18, 11:28am
Recently released documents show why officials had "serious concerns" about the state of HNA, as they blocked the $660 million sale of UDC to the Chinese global conglomerate
21 Feb 18, 6:36am
Standard & Poor's is confident 'housing related economic imbalances' will peak this year and any further easing of LVRs will only come after a 'protracted period' of measured growth in house prices
21 Feb 17, 12:09pm
Credit rating agency warns of impact from banks' tightening commercial property lending standards as Auckland Unitary Plan opens increased building options
23 Jan 17, 11:35am
What happened while this newsletter has been away: UDC sold, mortgage rates hiked, bank executive appointments, property market cools & more
7 Dec 16, 2:33pm
The RBNZ appears very excited about its proposed new 'dashboard' bank disclosure regime. But how well will it serve bank depositors?
28 Nov 16, 2:03pm
ANZ in this country is not commenting on seemingly informed speculation its finance arm is about to be sold to Chinese conglomerate HNA Group
31 Oct 16, 12:01pm
S&P Global Ratings acts on concerns over strong growth in Australian private sector debt and residential property prices
25 Oct 16, 2:31pm
S&P downgrades UDC's credit rating by 3 notches saying parent ANZ may sell NZ's biggest finance company within a year
1 Sep 16, 5:31pm
RBNZ's head of prudential regulation says bank considering putting more focus on areas where 'the incentives on financial institutions differ most starkly from society’s interests'
25 Aug 16, 9:59am
Increasing use of interest-only loans in NZ could be 'particularly problematic' if house prices fall, S&P says
23 Aug 16, 7:51pm
S&P increases capital risk weightings for NZ banks due to increased risk of 'sharp correction in property prices'
1 Aug 16, 10:24am
NZ Post says it's 'working hard' with the NZ Super Fund and ACC to complete the proposed sale of a 45% stake in Kiwibank
8 Jul 16, 7:50am
S&P fires warning over potential downgrade of Australia's AAA credit rating, catches big 4 Australasian banks in the crossfire


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