Gareth Morgan

14 Mar 19, 2:06pm
Gareth Morgan takes issue with the Tax Working Group including Michael Cullen's assertion that the capital gains tax (CGT) is best described as a 'tax on capital income', saying there appears total confusion over what income actually is
30 Nov 18, 2:59pm
Gareth Morgan backs newbie Amy Stevens over Geoff Simmons in The Opportunities Party's leadership race, saying he'll put his money where his mouth is
20 Aug 18, 7:53am
'What I am doing right now is pretty much career suicide for an economist. There’s no going back' - TOP's new leader Geoff Simmons
16 Jul 18, 12:02pm
Gareth Morgan happy to fund a TOP successor, but warns the leader would be 'personally liable' if they didn't implement all his policies
10 Jul 18, 12:08pm
Gareth Morgan debriefs on TOP: 'It was never about having a democratic political party structure where the latest recruit had the same say as those that had spent 10 years building to this – that’s just the naivety of political groupies'
9 Jul 18, 4:27pm
The Opportunities Party won't contest the 2020 election; Gareth Morgan says the Jacinda effect shows people don't vote on policy
23 Sep 17, 7:00pm
Election 2017: We bring you the key updates from the night's coverage; Comments are back on - share your thoughts here
18 Sep 17, 7:36am
English defends campaign ads, looks to seniors & families; Ardern defends tax U-turn; Greens want landlords registered & maintenance bonds; Seymour touts positive poll; TOP says 5% in reach, gets qualified Eaqub support
29 Aug 17, 5:02am
TOP's Gareth Morgan says Peters' Super Saga shows just how broken NZ's benefit system is; Argues inter-generational unfairness; Says tax top priority if in Parliament after election; Sees TOP hitting 5%
22 Aug 17, 8:01am
English on flat house prices, warns foreign buyers; Won't say 'no' to tax cuts ahead of Prefu; English and Bennett lay into Gareth Morgan; Winston accuses Nats and Labour of spending big on election bribes, says NZF keeping their heads
21 Aug 17, 7:39am
Ardern seeks to keep Shaw's bunch under her Green thumb, turns attention to the centre; English focuses on 'solid' policies of building roads and hospitals to attract deep-down Nats; TOP's Morgan continues Winston infatuation
9 Aug 17, 1:00pm
Looking starkly at Generation Rent, parties are proposing policies which would protect those who will never own a home
7 Aug 17, 10:13am
Gareth Morgan vies to protect renters with longer leases, eviction restrictions, improved insulation funded by ETS proceeds and more social housing
18 Jul 17, 1:39pm
Gareth Morgan's TOP proposes universal income for 18-23 year-olds of $200 per week; Will scrap student allowances and living costs, and first $10,000 of annual benefits for the age group
5 Jul 17, 2:06pm
Brian Fallow talks to The Opportunities Party's leader Gareth Morgan about his policies and where his votes might come from
3 Jul 17, 4:16pm
While they align with the ideals of the Labour-Greens, Gareth Morgan’s tax proposals go further than any party in Parliament would dare to propose
27 May 17, 11:05am
Max Rashbrooke explores the use of 'common assets' in the building of individual wealth, and why he thinks it is 'fair' that those who gained an outsized benefit from them should share those gains with those who didn't
20 May 17, 2:31pm
Gareth Morgan defends the TOP income tax policy's claim on capital will lead to "an avalanche of capital outflows". He sees a business sector boost instead benefiting shareholders
15 May 17, 12:21pm
Andrew Little defends Labour's negative gearing policy against criticisms rents will rise and house building fall; Says aim is to stabilise market
7 May 17, 7:17am
Where have all the tax-free thresholds and UBIs gone? Our politicians are quite right to be concerned that living costs are rising more for those on lower incomes; But how do we improve living standards? Reducing costs is tough so let's look at incomes


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