capital gains

18 Mar 19, 4:11pm
Keith Woodford reflects as to whether the farming rules of the game, including the importance of cash flow versus capital gain, have changed, irrespective of any capital gains tax, and what this means for the future
21 Feb 19, 12:55pm
A Capital Gains Tax would alter the rental property landscape by pushing down prices and pushing up rental yields
21 Jan 19, 12:47pm
Andrew Coleman looks at the value of capital stock & real estate in NZ as we continue coverage of his paper on an international perspective of taxing capital income in NZ
17 Jan 19, 11:11am
David Chaston says thanks to affordability limits being reached & a range of public policy changes, Auckland home owners ought to buckle in for a prolonged housing market funk 
7 Dec 18, 2:33pm
The IRD can't say for certain how ring-fencing rental losses will affect the residential property market, but notes investors suffering losses on their rentals are currently getting tax breaks of $2000 a year
19 Nov 18, 10:28am
Chris Trotter says National's apparent decline in the polls may be bad news for those relying on tax-free capital gains to maintain their social status
19 Sep 18, 4:06pm
Inland Revenue says any suggestion it has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to property investors is 'thoroughly misleading'
18 Nov 17, 9:29am
The latest RBNZ survey of house price expectations brings a sharp dive in those seeing gains in the future. In fact capital gains may have vanished; the risk is now to the downside
19 Aug 17, 6:02am
David Chaston probes how much realised capital gain is being made by landlords and by owner-occupiers, and how much windfall flows to them from their tax-free status
30 Jul 16, 5:02am
Rarely used land tax rule could catch gains from sales of land rezoned in the Unitary Plan
23 Jul 16, 8:21am
Ranjana Gupta says a land tax would broaden the tax base, depress land speculation, reduce the burden of tax on income, and shift taxation more to wealth
21 Jul 16, 9:00am
ANZ CEO David Hisco argues several levers must be pulled to take heat out of the property market and put the NZ economy on a firmer footing
16 Jul 16, 9:45am
Geoff Simmons sees more questions than answers in Labour's housing proposals. Equity, NIMBYs and government monopolies all point to serious potential flaws
9 Jul 16, 7:02am
Geoff Simmons argues that intensification is the thorn that must be grasped for sake of the future of Auckland
30 Jun 16, 11:36am
EY points out that double tax agreements with 43 countries mean NZ can't impose new property taxes on their nationals unless we apply them to New Zealanders as well
28 Jun 16, 5:05am
Ewen McCann suggests a plan of action for policymakers if house prices fall and that triggers bank failures. He sees a place for a lottery
18 Jun 16, 7:34am
Geoff Simmons says the bright line test is not restraining the property market - only a Comprehensive Capital Income Tax will, he claims
14 May 16, 8:48am
Geoff Simmons has been thinking about the LINZ data and says it supports the idea of taxing all housing because rules and exemptions will just be exploited by the wealthy
28 Apr 16, 9:54am
A land tax just for foreigners? Come on John, you’re better than this says Gareth Morgan. It won't solve the core problem
13 Mar 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey wonders why NZ Inc decided to borrow NZ$30 bln to bet on a volatile commodity price


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