19 Sep 18, 9:55am
Westpac McDermott Miller survey shows the collapsing confidence contagion is spreading, with the lowest level of consumer confidence in six years
18 Sep 18, 1:55pm
President Trump has delivered remarks to impose 10% tariffs on 200 Billion worth of Chinese imported products; NZD has started the week well gaining against the USD to 0.6600; NZDAUD rangebound for the fourth week
14 Sep 18, 10:02am
Kiwibank's Jeremy Couchman with a guide to emerging market meltdowns from tequila slammers to Moscow mules via a Venezuelan economic crisis
11 Sep 18, 2:11pm
US Dollar traded higher across the board with the US Index jumping to 95.43; President Trump said Friday he was willing to slap additional tariffs on 267B worth of Chinese products; NZD is trading at fresh low of 0.6515 versus the USD
8 Sep 18, 10:02am
Oliver White looks at how online sales are muddying both our understanding and our measures of inflation. The problem will only get worse, he says
6 Sep 18, 1:25pm
Brad Olsen of Infometrics argues there are clear reasons for the Reserve Bank to leave the Official Cash Rate unchanged over the next year
4 Sep 18, 11:57am
GBP has shown its sensitivity to Brexit negotiations over the past week; NZD and AUD are particularly vulnerable to bouts of risk aversion; number of emerging market currencies flashing warning signs of major trouble ahead
31 Aug 18, 1:17pm
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ Act review, the NZ Initiative's Roger Partridge argues greater oversight of the RBNZ's role as prudential regulator is required
28 Aug 18, 2:21pm
Choppy trading for the NZD over the last few days, has been buoyed by an increased risk tone; NZD remains under pressure on NZDAUD as the AUD recovers; US will continue to follow a path of gradual tightening
23 Aug 18, 9:28am
DC Report's David Cay Johnston probes President Trump's claims US wages are rising, concluding they're not except for those who were already making more than $1 million a year
21 Aug 18, 2:32pm
USD support faded as the week came to a close, the NZD finished up the strongest of the majors group finishing at 0.6640; NZDAUD eased lower from the open of 0.9072 to trade around the 0.9045 mark
18 Aug 18, 10:02am
Matt Nolan on the top 10 freely available indicators to use to try and figure out what's going on with the New Zealand economic cycle
16 Aug 18, 9:53am
Christian Hawkesby suggests the new Adrian Orr-led regime at the Reserve Bank may result in increased volatility in interest rates and foreign exchange markets
14 Aug 18, 2:20pm
World trade concerns continue to spook markets with investors worried about sentiment; NZDUSD sits at a March 2016 low of 0.6573 ; NZDAUD has leveled off this week to consolidate around the 0.9050 area
12 Aug 18, 3:44pm
Confidence in the economy is wavering, and there are at least five key reasons, most related to some big public policy changes, and how households have reacted to the consequences
7 Aug 18, 1:58pm
Currency markets were all broadly weaker through the later stages of the week once risk markets were put on notice; NZD is trading just off its lows at 0.6730 midday Tuesday after starting the week at 0.6745; AUD strength has dominated the NZD
31 Jul 18, 1:53pm
NZD pushed off 0.6760 USD last week and has made subtle gains to 0.6830; risk sentiment will play a huge role as the week progresses; NZD has made a push higher against the AUD
26 Jul 18, 3:30pm
National Party finance spokeswoman Amy Adams says her party is opposed to the idea of the RBNZ having a dual mandate and won't support RBNZ Act changes
24 Jul 18, 3:30pm
Markets have turned yesterday to become risk averse again based on President Trump’s tweet; NZD gapped lower on the weekly open to 0.6790 after President Trump spooked markets; NZDAUD cross extends its 4th week of range bound activity
17 Jul 18, 3:43pm
CPI data shows kiwis' grumbles over hefty insurance premium hikes are justified


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