Property Investors

19 Mar 18, 7:18am
Terry Baucher outlines his three key impressions from the Tax Working Group's Submissions Background Paper
21 Dec 17, 7:39am
Creditors struggle to sell house worth a mil, that's had up to $3 mil borrowed against it by associate of notorious slumlord
27 Nov 17, 4:43pm
RBNZ again floats idea of macro-prudential tools being in place permanently in response to submissions in what may ultimately be an exercise in futility on its part
5 Nov 17, 7:23am
Notorious property manager/developer Augustine Lau speaks out about why he's in the dog box with his overseas associates who are defaulting on their mortgages 
25 Oct 17, 10:27am
Kiwibank's economists probe whether the housing boom is turning to a bust or has just hit a temporary bump in the road
12 Jul 17, 4:53pm
Observations of a renting millennial attending a Smith/Twyford housing debate with a bunch of property investors 
21 Jun 17, 9:35am
A credit card on the agenda at SBS Bank as home loans and consumer lending through Finance Now continue to surge
30 May 17, 11:09am
China's credit rating downgrade underlines need for authorities to keep preventing Chinese from investing their savings overseas, Asia expert says 
27 May 17, 11:11am
The latest Reserve Bank data shows new lending falling significantly from the same month a year ago, but new lending to property investors has fallen at twice the overall pace
9 May 17, 7:53am
IMF calls for a more intensive approach to bank supervision from the RBNZ, deposit insurance and a debt-to-income cap tool in its Financial Sector Assessment Program report on NZ
9 Nov 15, 1:58pm
A green light for US interest rate rises means a red light for any more RBNZ rate cuts here - for now
29 Oct 15, 11:54am
David Hargreaves thinks the Reserve Bank is unnecessarily gambling everything on a December rise in US interest rates
19 Oct 15, 11:23am
Westpac economists stick to view that RBNZ will be forced to drop interest rates by more than it currently intends
15 Oct 15, 11:42am
David Hargreaves thinks the RBNZ Governor may have just given a historic speech - in a bad way
13 Oct 15, 5:02am
Latest house sales figures show that the Reserve Bank is going to need to revisit its strategy to control the scorching housing market
8 Oct 15, 11:26am
Westpac economists see unemployment hitting 6.5%, partly due to high immigration; but also see 'disappointment' for property speculators when migration boom tails off
7 Oct 15, 3:07pm
David Hargreaves sees a likely need for substantial changes to migration settings and for application of more Reserve Bank 'macro-prudential tools' in the year ahead
1 Oct 15, 12:18pm
Indigestion is likely to be the order of the day in Government and Reserve Bank circles in the face of further strong house market figures
30 Sep 15, 2:33pm
Bill English's 'thinking out loud' on the affordable housing problem suggests the Government's planning some serious action
24 Sep 15, 3:22pm
Investors show no signs of backing off from the housing market ahead of new restrictive rules, but the proportionate size of loans is shrinking


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